The feeling of reverse

,,What about the other side?”


I don’t know how to properly start this time. I am kinda stressed about upcoming days, thinking about what’s gonna happen, but still distracted with thoughts about blog and this topic, so I am here. A long time ago I’ve heard this one sentence- ,,Depressed people are the best writers.” I was thinking about it a lot actually, because it happens all the time and it happens everywhere.
People who are going through some phase of life, tortured by their inside world (what about the outside one?), by their thoughts, even tortured by a person. I do get that, ‘ve been there, ‘ve done that. The saddest people are able to get to the real bottom of their mind and even write about positive things which are not currently in their head, but they are expecting to live like that one day. I would call it a “Reversed depression”. They are giving you life advices about how you are supposed to live your life in a happy way, but at the end of the day, he/she is the one not living according to them. Not excited about that at all, but still happy when somebody can relate to his/hers words. Even if the person doesn’t feel exactly how he/she wants to feel, at least wants the others to feel better in some way. And that’s valuable.

Writing is a shelter for broken souls. To write about anything and still about everything what they are feeling in that particular minute. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, because my feelings wake me up, thinking about all the thing I need to say, opening my laptop, simply writing down all the things I need to get out of my head. Then I just sit down and stare to the darkness till I just simply fall asleep.

Conclusion? Not this time. All of you know what is it to live like that, be this person, write those sentences, feel all the things you felt when you were writing all the things you have never said out loud. I don’t need to talk more, because all of you know my point.


P.s: I know I am leaving so many hidden meanings in every single article, but that’s just me. You are supposed to find something which fits you the best and I hope you will 🙂

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