The truth is, that…

it's still life

…the morning when you wake up and suddenly realize, that you were talking about something important yesterday which didn’t work out well. Numb much? Kinda yea..

..going to sleep so late and waking up this early to be able to go forward, take this picture and move on with my life makes me feel ever worse at those times.

…I went out searching for something that’s gonna make sense someday. After some things, I am still searching I guess.

…sometimes asking that why do I even try. Repeating those words ,,I am too young for this shit” all over again.

…I think everybody deserve something real, I mean something you don’t really have to question like every 5 minutes.

…I am here right now, asking you to use one word to describe the way how you feel at this particular moment. It’s very important to be able to do that at certain situation.

At the very end, it’s still life.

So, what is it?

Can you do that?



11 thoughts on “The truth is, that…

  1. Great !

    I feel great at the moment. I’ve learned that it’s important to feel that way all the time. When a person feels great, they think about great things and they attract more great into their lives. When a person feels bad, they think about bad things , and attract a lot of bad things into their lives. I learned that, and I believe it. Besides, people like good energy. It’s hard to stay around someone that’s always angry or sad.

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    1. You are completely right 🙂 It all depends on person’s “inside world” and how they are able to cooperate with their feelings and emotions and changes in their life. The truest thing is,that every single person is different and it’s up to people how they will react to all the things happening in their life till the very end 🙂
      Btw, thank you for your reaction, it always means a lot to me!

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      1. Whether prescribed by a psychiatrist (which I am) or not (which I have done in the past), the impulse to shut out the world and the psyche and emotional pain (seems) to be too much is a powerful impulse.

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