Stereotypical much?

,,And we’ll be running, running, running…”

other perspective

I haven’t been anywhere “out of here” for a while. It kinda bothers me because I really don’t like standing still..I know the summer is long gone, but still need to move, even if there is no vacation, or holidays or whatsoever.

I am just walking around the town, needing some inspiration, searching for something with a idea. Despite exams and shit, I would like to leave for a couple of days again because I don’t like the things that are happening here.

Do you also have that feeling when you come from an exciting trip and you are happy it even happened (heat of the moment situation), but in few days you need to leave again because your “place” is killing you? Or okay not killing, but you have a feeling that you need to move and see new things/places, or maybe old places where you haven’t been for some time – like exploring old places again because you know, that you can find something new there? It almost always happens.

To be completely honest, it is very uncomfortable here. The same place, same happenings, the stereotype is getting on me pretty well and I can feel it. Still passing through the same streets, listening to the same music, staring on the same buildings, trees, stuff in general- on and on.
Today I woke up and the first thing on my mind was a simple question- ,,HOW LONG?” For how long do I need to hold on to this? And “surprisingly”, the answer was nowhere to find.

This is simply not way I wanna live my life. It makes me feel sick, but right now, I would say, that I am too young to do anything, but old enough to do at least something.

I have to figure it out because the question is hanging in front of me like every day and something need to be done.
I don’t know what yet, but sooner or later the answer will appear.

If you are going through something similar do everything what’s in your power to get what you want to get, because it’s your life and you will be living it till the end not him her or whoever. You are the one who’s gonna spend the rest of your life with you, so make your wishes and needs come true. Otherwise it’s gonna be a very boring and depressive life and I am sure you don’t really want that.

Fingers crossed.


P.s: Pictures from just one day 🙂

bw trees bw

light in the light

sunset 2 sunset




6 thoughts on “Stereotypical much?

    1. Exactly, it would be the best thing to do it how you said so.
      I hope for more time to do some new kind of stuff.
      I also hope that you are doing well during my little absence here on wordpress, just about to read your blog 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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