Breathe in, breathe out

one. . two. .three. . .breathe in ↔ one. . two. .three. . .breathe out.

Sometimes you get into a situation when you just need to write and write it all down, because the feeling is a lot more stronger than you.

Write about people, write about all the negligible details of some occasion, about situations, memories, hours and hours of talking and stuff. And then something happens and you are not sure if you want to write about them anymore. Because of what? Because you got hurt.

A simple example of human being. Does that ring a bell?

Wake up people, that's life:

∗Where people will screw you over and you won’t even know how it happened because it will come from nowhere.
∗Where you’ll fight with your family for something so ridiculous, you won’t even know how to explain how mad are you, because of some teeny tiny thing and of course for them not getting you, your ideas and thoughts and not appreciating you in a way you would want.
∗Where you will be a witness of things that’ll catch you and hold you tight,so you won’t be able to run away when you’ll gonna watch that one movie of all the thing you don’t really want to happen, but it will happen anyway, because if it’s supposed to happen, it surely will.
∗Where you will blame your presence for what happened in the past. You’ll feel somehow unable to receive and also give it back. Because of the wounds that are still a little teared (I can say that mines are getting better, but yea, who knows…maybe if he is reading this, he knows). Being scared is supernormal and you should have realized that a very long time ago.
∗Where you’ll loose people who meant a world to you. Betrayal, talking shit, faux amis…whatever. Anything can happen. And believe me, when it happens you won’t be ready and it will hurt. Eventually, the wounds will be filled with something new, something else, maybe even better.

People are programmed to not to stay alone. Everybody is searching for something that will give them hope.'ll see.

So after this (at least one of those things) you will realize one thing. The thing is, that every single person has a certain past. Sure, you will cry at some point, you will laugh that your lungs won’t be able to work because of that amount of laughter, you’ll embarrass yourself in front of someone who you care about, you will miss people who are not worth of your time, you will feel sorry for all the things you’ve done wrong.

BUT then, you will find your own moment, The moment where none of that what happened matters- and just after this you can sit down comfortably and realize that this stuff happens to people who can handle stuff  and they got so freaking strong from that experience.
And believe me or not, if you went through something similar – you are one of them. Because if you can handle this, then you can handle anything. I don’t know if you know, but people often get into a mental pain which can be sometimes even worse than the physical one. But that’s for some other talk.

Keep this on your mind and remind it someday, when it happens again.

Just breathe deeply and move along, even if this one ⇓, is a dark one, just go.


P.s: Not that dark to be unable to follow the light if it’s in need.

dark path

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