Mind flow

What I saw was something different. When I looked there, I saw something that other people didn’t really see at all.

wicked mind

This wasn’t just an old damaged wall. It was the look to the knotty mind. From the bottom to the top I can see all the thoughts and ideas trying to outrun each other so that particular ones gonna be the one which is going to be the first.
So with this tangled mind of mine was walking around the town, thinking about those times, when I wasn’t really happy, when I thought that I am in a bad place. I am glad to say that I am feeling better now (tbh, I don’t even have time to feel ridiculous again).
Sometimes it feels right but sometimes I don’t even know how to react to some things. I know I would react differently like 5 month ago and I would react totally different today. It it so fascinating that your mind can change like nothing from minute to minute. Also your thoughts flowing through your mind like a kite on the sky, from left to right and from right to left, playful, joyful but also struggling with the wind and bad weather.

Get it?
I know you do.


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