Why not?

Give it a try.

getting dark

Being happy nowadays is something pretty rare I would say.
There are plenty of people who feel upset with a plenty of issues as a package. Being constantly in bad mood, seeing the world just in black and white..I rather won’t continue because I have a feeling that I don’t have to. I don’t know how about you, but I decided not to be one of them.


Are you asking why?
 Just out of curiosity- what good brought sadness to your life?


I stopped leaving myself in a small room laying in bed not knowing what to do. I told myself- Why not give it a try? Okay, tbh  still not the best, still having this “new people anxiety” but I am working on it.
How about you? Have you ever tried to grab yourself and drag your soul outside to see the colours?

I am happy and grateful for those ordinary things that we, let’s say, take as a natural part of our lives.
You don’t even know how happy I am when I start to laugh and I totally burst out laughing, and the feeling? Something amazing. I am being happy when I discover a new song, finish reading some interesting book, or even when I wake up and finally feel at least a little bit relaxed and chilled.
I am glad to have a few friends, family and I am even happy for food and hot shower.
I am lucky to be able to see all those colours around me, around us. Because when the seasons are changing, we are kinda changing all with them. Turning around and around in circles year by year.
I am grateful that I am able to travel sometimes. To see the places that I’ve never been to, taking pictures, memorizing the perfect moment with that one person. I am grateful for him, for every single smile of his, for every single touch. Finally after that nasty period of time I feel …hmm I can’t even describe it, it’s something new. I need to explore that firstly.

There are always a lot of things that make life simple and easy and now, I am trying my best to think about them more than I used to think about the bad ones that happened or will happen to me. I am trying to convince myself that I don’t have to feel down. There are days when I feel like winning this race, but then I realize that the race just begun so I am saving you a seat here beside me.

So let’s race.


P.s: It doesn’t mater it’s getting dark, you can still turn on the lights.

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