Hungry for the ADVENTURE?

This is gonna be something different for sure. I wanted to introduce you two guys with a new and incredible project. They are called ADVENTURE HUNTERS.


They are concentrating on  traveling around Slovakia (Central Europe) where they live. As you can see, if you open the Youtube channel to see the videos or Instagram for photos(links down below) they are traveling together whether it is day or night.
You can see so many beautiful shots (not of Tequila), sunsets, nature…and so much more. It is important to know where do you come from and most importantly that your journey have a significant purpose. Those guys surely do.

,,We just wanted to present our country and remind people that plenty of things are right in front of them…they just have to grab the handle, open the door and step in. That is the whole thing.“





To be completely honest, I really like this kind of art and this kind of expressing their feelings or anything they want to say. I have never had the guts to do that even if I wanted so much, so they outrun me 😛

The thing is, I admire their effort in traveling around their country, making videos, taking photos. It is all about people who have passion and when I see somebody with that kind of a passion I know that it is one of the greatest things that a human being can have in him.

13113062_948317365283356_1678562087_o 13090759_948317421950017_1851312638_o

So, if you are interested in photos of nature, beauty of mountains, views and so much more, hit the YT or Instagram or even a Facebook page, links are down below.


P.s: Some time ago,P wrote me this:

Sometimes I think that the world is kinda sore, just like the tree solidifying and forcibly shedding its leaves. Every single step you do during those 4 season can change your opinion on so many things. We can change ourselves in a minute, so what is the mater with time? Time doesn’t heal wounds, we do. Its flowing from the very beginning but with no end…And I think that the leaves are shedding and growing again. We are holding on on the teeny tiny twig. We are all the same and the only difference between us is just in the length  of our fall..from our solitude.

Even though it is personal af, I do see a big potential in them, I see all the things that they can achieve and I believe in them. Watch it, you surely won’t regret it.

This is their first video, take a look and you’ll see:



FB page:


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