Those unplanned happenings

Honestly? I am getting used to this and it feels so good.

I can say, that being happy is something you can get used to very easily. Then okay, when it goes away, then it’s pretty hard to go back, but still, I am not thinking about it right now. It’s gonna be a problem some other time (maybe).

It feels so good to just to grab his hand, take a car and drive somewhere where is a quiet area, nice a warm hearted people and chill/relax.

Just sitting/walking there, not thinking about anything negative, having a clear head. Then just grab his hand again and move a few km away to see this:


Simply letting the kite fly, feeling the freedom 🙂 loving that so much



wyy 1 2

Of course, the best trips happen unexpectedly. Even better when it is with people who are worth, and indeed- with him.



For some people maybe something worthless or unnecessary, but for me…I really value those memories and happenings, that’s why I take so many photos, to keep those memories alive. If this is not a life happening, then tell me what it is – because I love it that way.

Thank you,



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