If you are waiting, wait with patience

There have always been a few kinds of waiting.

I was sitting in the church today and simply wasn’t listening to anything, I was just thinking like I usually do. I mean, my mind is always like 20 km away from there. Why? Don’t exactly know. I am just a over-thinking type of person, as you can see. Not exactly the best thing, but I have to deal with that like every single day, so I got used to myself.

That one type of waiting when you know that something’s gonna happen. Maybe you are waiting in a line for a coffee, or waiting in a waiting room for check up. Either you are waiting for your mom to stop talking to her friend on the street or you are waiting in a restaurant for a waiter to bring your food…you know, those things will happen in short amount of time. Those things WILL happen.

Then there is the type of waiting when you know something won’t happen but still trying to convince yourself it will. That little naive happening in your head when you know that the person will never come back or your pet will never give you its favorite fetching toy again. When you simply know it will never happen again but the foolishness and memories are keeping your mind alive during the night still thinking and hoping and wishing. It happens. You wouldn’t even believe how often.

And after that there is waiting for something so bad even though you don’t really know what is it gonna be. You don’t know it’s coming and it will come when you really won’t be expecting it. Because in your worst times you are sitting on your bed, creating things and perfect happenings in your head  and after that sleeping normally again.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are a patient person?
Because there’s the thing:
Waiting requires quite a big amount of patience in general.

Either it is number one two or three, you still have to realize everything is about being patient. If you are in doubt, don’t be. Patience is not a absence of action. It is all about timing, about a perfect timing. You are just waiting for the perfect time to act in the right way.

Firstly ask yourself if you are able to handle it.
I hope you do.


P.s: Waiting on lights? Take you time and read the sign, then you’ll know.

world is yours


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