Silence is the most powerful scream

‚ÄúDoes not everything depend on our interpretation of the silence around us?‚Ä̬†

I would like to talk about one thing, that most of the people doesn’t really use even though they should and it might be very useful for them. I am talking about the power of¬†silence.

There are more than one kind of silence. Either¬†the one while you are romantically staring into each others eyes and there’s no need for speaking, or the one while¬†you are waiting for a text or whatever¬†and no response¬†is coming – “no message is also a message” – kind of silence, or it’s just the silence during some¬†movie, while you are sitting with other 50 people in one theater trying to concentrate on the action.

But now, I wanted to go through¬†the most important kind of silence (at least for me) – the one while you know it’s okay for you to just stop and listen to the sweet and smooth sound of quietness. If you wanna know, it is entirely possible to listen to it, but most of people don’t do that. They just think it’s not doable, not interested in it and rather forget all of it because they don’t really have “time”.

It is interesting to just turn the whole world off, listen to the sound of sunset, crawling down on the blue sky, prepared to sleep, just a second before the dawn. It is even more interesting when you wake up at the morning and you can listen to the quiet house, the soft sound of loneliness and summer in the air. What in my case, is always a good thing.

For example,¬†I experienced something similar¬†this weekend while I was at a cottage. I was sitting in a circle around the fire¬†with my friends, while sipping wine, I completely shut¬†my brain off and simply stared to the fire for like 3 minutes or so. I made a bubble in my head, bubble made of silence,¬†I didn’t hear them laughing and talking, I didn’t hear the music, I didn’t hear the dogs barking. It was just me and the fire, my personal shutting off system which made me so calm and relaxed you can’t even imagine.

The thing you’ll find in the silence is not the real silence at all, maybe a mixture of so so many sounds, let’s say a cacophony of noises in one well constructed melody. It all gets balanced¬†after you cancel it out entirely.
Then you realize, that the real silence is not an absence of something important, it is just a gentle presence of something that you really need. Maybe you do not realize it now, because it is a “little by little” kind of progress, but still –¬†Where there’s will, there’s path.


silent sunset



‚ô¶ Ability to leave something behind ‚ô¶

‚ÄúThere’s always a story. It’s all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything’s got a story in it. Change the story, change the world.‚ÄĚ

Today I would like to talk about people and their¬†ability to want and change something. We were¬†born one day and were growing up, firstly very quickly and after some time it goes slower and slower. This is the time when¬†we are trying to figure out the mystical¬†question ,,What’s next?”¬†

Well, as you all already know, it is individual. People are trying to figure out within the years who are they, which profession¬†is supposed to be theirs, which way are they¬†supposed to go…and so many other questions.

There is a change every time someone do something in this world. It is not a major kind of change like the visible one, but there is still a change. Whether it is a personal change or melting your sugar in your morning coffee.

I was thinking, that everyday we change the world, which is a nice thought, until I realized, that yea, we do change the world but to change the world in a way that means anything, it takes such a long period of time. It never happens in one minute, one day, one week, one month…it’s slow, it’s exhausting. It’s something that most of the people don’t even have the¬†stomach for.¬†

There is always one person in a group, that is trying to be heard, that is trying to do something that will be memorized one day, that the world will know him by the name, that he will do something that will change the society…
It is generally known, that people want to leave something here after they die,¬†because nobody wants to die alone just like that, without being heard, without doing everything that they’ve planned for so many years, without achieving something. But at this point it doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you touch it and after you leave it, the change will be visible for other people to watch it and realize what just happened here.

The person will be eager to risk everything to change something they’ve been fighting for for so long, because if you¬†really want something, nothing will stop you, nothing will bother you and noone will tell you what to do. Because that’s¬†how you’ve always wanted it.

Because we are all gonna be stories one day, so let them be marvelous.



just do it

“To travel is to live”- Part 2

,,I can’t wait!”

The end of the week was finally here and I was packing for the weekend trip,¬†not too far away from the place I live. I was so happy because it was with a group of people I already knew and I was excited to see them again. You know, it is always good to see old friends reunited at¬†one place. We arrived at the cottage where¬†was no signal, no electricity and bummer…no water.
Well, okay.
After I got over the first shock I was worried how are we going to handle this malfunction, but actually at the end it turned out to be a great adventure. Actually if there was water and shower I would stay there even longer.

The cottage was situated in a very deep forest, as I mentioned without signal and¬†civilization. I didn’t know how I am gonna handle this one, but after some hours I turned of my phone and simply didn’t care about anything.

You know, it is always good to turn off the whole world, lay¬†down on the grass with two dogs “flying” around you and just looking up on the blue sky full of clouds. In the very deep night one of my friends showed me an app called¬†Sky view-¬†he turned the screen up to the sky and we were able to see all the star constellations, all the planets and try to imagine me, running in the darkness (because of no electricity there was a real scary darkness like inside of the belly of monster)¬†with an iPhone in my hand, tripping like 3 times out of¬†5 and doing “woooow” sounds.

Okay. Stop.

But let me show you our little climb to the sky.

We were living¬†really close to mountains. The one we were going to climb is called¬†Vt√°ńćnik ( 1346m¬†above sea level) .¬†It was¬†kind of a adventure climbing,¬†because it is pretty high and if I am gonna include like the whole sea of sweat and summer weather mixed up with like four milion¬†of bugs, then this is just a adventure (at least for me, because I am scared of bugs, let’s say I always get a panic attack if something flies around me).



I have always been in love with the forest, even though I have never had that many chances to go there because I live in a different kind of jungle- the concrete one. Well this was a relaxing vacation full of fresh air (another thing I am missing so much).


THE view.

We finally made it to the top, to the final destination of ours.
It felt so good and so right to look down and see the effort what you gave to the climbing session.

way 1

the rock


Enjoying the view on the top of the rock. Full of satisfaction because I was brave enough to climb it.

other side

I have always been in love with those kinds of pictures and the first thing in my mind always is – ,,hello from the other side”

After we made it down, safe and sound, I was feeling full of energy. I don’t know why, maybe because the forest recharged me. It made me realize that giving up is not an option and need to go on.
Now generally speaking, you always need to go on and never stop because that’s life. If you stop and won’t be able to move on. You’ll get stuck in

the place you don’t really wanna be at and that will be your personal downgrade. Do you want that? I don’t think so.¬†

After we came back to the cottage, made a new fire place, ate a lot, sang a lot, watched stars, I felt it again- the feeling of completeness, that this is how it supposed to be, like I am not alone anymore. And that ladies and gentleman, was one of the best feelings ever.

old bw


The sun went to sleep, one adventure per one day is enough, at least I think.

This weekend was tough, but we made it till the end. I made it with sunburns all over my body, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?


P.s: If you want to find part 1, no worries- it’s here:¬†

P.s.2: I don’t usually write like this, you know me, just wanted to show you a little piece of nature from the country I live in. No sea, but beauty of nature still remains, right?


Going for a little adventure while not knowing you are going for one


Have you ever just woke up, drank some coffee, had breakfast and lied back to your bed without knowing that later that day you will go for a little “hike”?

Yea, that happened to me yesterday. I woke up and after some “morning rituals” went back to bed with a book in my hand watching¬†him¬†working in front of the computer. I was like “okay, this one days will be very casual, so let me just cry a little while reading a very sad book”.


After like two hours a friend called¬†him¬†and they chat a little and after he hung up he was like “are you done already? We are leaving in ten…” Okay, well let me grab my stuff and we can go.

You know those unexpected happenings are the best ones, we all know that very well, am I right? ¬†So, we went by a car a little while and after that we met up with¬†his¬† football team mates and climbed and climbed and climbed like three mountains, grass was like knee high, we were sweating all over, but laughing it would be a good idea for a soccer practice (believe me, they would die). After I looked down, I was pretty impressed, how high we are (just because I live in a flat area and this is like a real miracle to me, just because I don’t get to go to nature so much).



I really like trips like this (who doesn’t), because I can really look down and say, okay I made it to the final line, yass!

After a couple of minutes (*sweat alert!*) we finally came to our destination,to a little lake, fishing spot.
Guys started to unpack their stuff, couple of them went to look around for some mushrooms (eatable ones for omelette of course) and there has been a lot funny situations because guys trying to embus the inflatable boat?




I know it is not a fancy place to look for, but I like it. I have always been in love with places like this one for example. It has the beautiful peaceful vibe,place you can call home,¬†that I really really need to just turn off and just listen to the silence, while looking at him sitting in front of me having his head in thoughts, exactly like I do. ¬†Sometimes¬†you find adventures where you wouldn’t really expect them. I like those quiet moments we have together….you wanna know why?

I will tell you next time.



If you realize this, you are getting better


When you grow up¬†to a certain age, you start to think differently about,¬†let’s say,¬†specific things. The time when you are contemplating if you’ve done something you’ve always wanted, or how you’ve wanted.

If you want to know – Now is the time you can call Your Time. The real period of time you can say yes, I am aware of what I want in life. The time you don’t want to feel betrayed again because you want something different now. The fact is, you already left behind people who you never imagined living without. But see? You are still here, alive and kicking! You are wiser now, walking down the street with people who are worth. I hope you’ve made sure that you’ve picked the right ones this time.

Even though it is hard, try not to get stuck in your (broken) past, don’t try to “re-live” those moments from your memories in your mind again by thinking¬†about it so much. It is painful to say, but those moments will never happen again. That’s why you need to cut it off and start to really live and enjoy your life as much as you can. You still have only one life so go through it as comfortable as you want to.

Today, you look around and you are able to see it.

So many opportunities to gain as much¬†courage as you are able to absorb, inhale confidence and exhale doubts, sit alone, but not¬†feel alone at all; and so so many other things in life that are important for you. Simply give your life the exact meaning, like you’ve always wanted.

Keep traveling with the best feeling on your life path.

Fingers crossed.



Your eyes are full of language, even though you don’t want me to see it

‚ÄúMy eyes were closed, they’re open now‚Ä̬†

There is always a tendency¬†of mine to over-think things. I don’t know why, I just sit down and think about things you would say are maybe a waste of¬†time or whatever.¬†Still going over and over like its some disease and not very paying attention to the world.

I just sat down in the kitchen while watching some series with my friend and we were looking outside of the window and I took that picture of her eye. I was thinking about the human tendency of not looking each other in the eyes anymore. I saw it for example in my case, I don’t really like to look in other peoples eyes, mostly the new people around me, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it is because of my weirdness or maybe it’s because I am different now. After some time, sure, it is better, but still.
You can see it in peoples eyes, even more when you have the ability to see “under the mask”,¬†like I do, in some cases, how are they feeling, some of their struggles…etc etc. I can’t really explain it because it is a part of my life and I am sure that a part of other peoples lives indeed too.

And then it hit me. The thing that is so obvious and still here no matter what.
A human being is not picking his/hers “life path”. It doesn’t mean, when the person¬†can’t really name the problem, that it can’t be solved. It all depends on the¬†inside strenght and bravery of the particular one, the time when he/she is resisting the real storm in life. Some people give in earlier and after that they are regretting the lack of strenght. They hate themselves because of the weakness, they couldn’t¬†make it till the end. Other people, even thought they have broken legs,¬†stand up and continue¬†their journey, with a consciousness that exactly the fall proves, that we are going forward.

And maybe this is why people don’t like to look each other deeply in the eyes, because they are scared that the person might see a little piece of it in their tired eyes and start asking questions. I don’t know how about you, but I don’t like questions…


L eye


At least, I’ve heard that

,,Pick the right one.”

I’ve heard that some¬†people are now comparing life to a colorful book.
Painting it with their memories.
Imagine every single page covered with a meaningful tale to tell the others.
Every page covered with all of the correct colors carefully picked from the pallet.

Some people on the other hand like to paint their life in the black and white motion.
They go through their lives ignoring all the, let’s say, happy colors.
Simply swimming through the smoke, not in the crowd, without the flamboyant vision of life.
It is up to them to change it, no one can force¬†them¬†to smile, no one can force¬†them¬†do what they¬†don’t want to do- not even to paint their page in colors.

Sometimes I tend to think it is all about the way of life or about the way you look at the world.
Either it is through well-known sweet naive pink glasses or through thick black glass where no one can see your eyes.

I will never ask you to be 100% identified with it, but if you think about it and connect it with your old memory from your teen age or whatever, suddenly you feel something “old” popping up in your mind. Isn’t it interesting?

Life is simply how you make it , how you live it, because if you realize that you messed up at the end- after that nothing is worse than too late.


ive heard

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