When unexpected things turn out to be satisfying (at some point)


Those moments when you are simply swimming through your life and don’t really know what the exact day is. You need to ask somebody every single day, because you just don’t know.

Having too much of a free time is exhausting because even though you have nothing to do, you fill up your day with something- let’s say, unexpected.

∩ An ordinary day turns out to be extraordinary and unexpectedly nice.
∩ Writing turns out to be long even though you wanted a short one instead.
∩ Feeling turns out to be here and not buried under the ground.
∩ Having a secret thought about life- it turns out to be tough so you have to become tougher.
…so much more hidden under the blanket of words. You know me, you know what I mean. Right?

I don’t know, sometimes I have the feeling to express all of my deep thoughts, to write strong quotes about how I feel but then I just shut off because I don’t want to go there, mind gets jumbled up, so I’d rather pass.
I do write/take photos, but because I want to feel life, let’s just say twicewhile the moment is still here, and in retrospective– so when I read through my thoughts again I’ll know that yes, I was here and now, I am somewhere else.

I would say on better place.
Lesson learned.


P.s: Sometimes I hide too. Well, who doesn’t?
Thank you D.



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