I’d rather let it be, for now . .

Have you ever really wanted to ask something, but you weren’t sure if you want to know the answer or if your heart would handle the answer?

Well, sometimes I really want to ask you something, but I am not sure how you’d react. And if you would, I don’t know if the answer would be the one I am waiting for.

I just catch myself thinking about it and simply daring like 10 minutes to ask, but after I rather pass, let you fall asleep without asking and tell myself that “next time”.

Even though it looks like we are out of the woods, I am still a little scared to talk.

But it’s getting better and better.
Every time.
I can see it.

So, we will see.


P.s: You are the one who knows the best, that falling asleep with a crushed mood is not a good idea.



4 thoughts on “I’d rather let it be, for now . .

    1. I find myself thinking better at night because I can’t sleep most of the days in week so…but a good idea indeed, I will try it sometimes. Thank you for stopping by (y)


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