Possible thoughts after you speak or not speak at all


There are times when I leave social situations feeling like I’ve talked too much in a group of people, or I was too loud, too sarcastic, or saying something with a lack of empathy. Maybe it was caused by not thinking before speaking…it is individual, but realizing all of that when it is just too late.

Sometimes I am leaving while wishing I’ve said more nice things or maybe having a more positive attitude wouldn’t be a waste too. It was always a mystery for me, how do other people speak fluidly or tell their stories so gracefully? I consider myself being messy, hungry, actually swearing a lot, but most of the times starting my sentences without knowing where the hell they’ll end.

Sometimes I’m thinking that time and silence are two most luxurious things. At one point,it is better to be silent at some situations, even though it is not in your true nature. Anyway, you are going to learn it all on your way through life, while growing up, enlightened from your mistakes.
And time? Sometimes the best friend but also a worst enemy. It really depends on the individual sight of a person. But you already know all of that.

Like always.

Because every word has consequences. Every silence too.

So, keep that on mind.


P.s: Thinking about it all while watching this, even more confusing for me.

possible thoughts


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