“To travel is to live” – Part 6


There are days when I start my day with a question.

Why do you always need to go away?

And there are days when I don’t really have an answer because there are people who don’t really need an answer for that. They see me and don’t have to know, they just see. But when I do have an answer I tell them all, that I am always leaving co I can come back. So I can see the place I just came from with a pair of new eyes and some extra colors which I have never recognized before. If you come whenever you are planning to go also people will look at you and see you differently. And then at the end of the day, coming back where you firstly started is not the same as never leaving.

Well this is the truth.

Every single city I visit lives its own life, grows how it wants to grow, people are always different, places are changing every single day. When you come to a new place, everything looks somehow new and lighter and brighter. It doesn’t really mean that it really is lighter and brighter but the feeling of arriving at a new place, maybe a clearer air makes it so wonderful and somehow easy to get used to.

That’s why I come back to certain places from time to time, to feel like “home” because I always leave a piece of me there (or I leave a piece of the place in my camera of course) and see how it lives its own life.

Traveling means actually a lot to me. I am sure after some time I’ll pack my stuff and go for a roadtrip with him and we simply won’t care about anything in this world. Well I suppose it’s almost every persons dream, because I believe that a lot of people living here really wanna leave and see the whole wide world which was designed to explore.

This place quickly and easily became one of my favourite places (but yea to be honest, which one didn’t make me take a photo? Well, well, well lucky me, at least for now)


You know, sitting in the car, seeing those mountains, listening to music, smoking and having a good time. This is it.





Spent whole day here, still managed to take photo or two to make myself satisfied.




I’ve spent here so many of my days and I am always happy to be here you can’t even imagine how. As I was saying in my previous “talks” most of the times it is about the people who you are with and I have a feeling that I won in this one.

You simply take a bike and drive to next city to a park and have fun (thex call it Pokemon Go -_- and I call it biking and listening to music- ofc taking pics)






I have always loved old buildings and mysterious places, this one will maybe make a closer look.





And then just wondering a little because the sunset is near.




Well and then at the end of the day, just enjoying all of it. The atmosphere, the wholeness of the moment because that iks one of the most important thing that matters.

I don’t know how about you but now, I am feeling satisfied.



And after all of it, just ride into the sunset, like a very badly made movie…enjoy the moments you are given, you never know when the very last will come.



P.s: You can find other ones- “To travel is to live” under


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