One of the Interesting Awakenings in Life


With a lot of strenght, I somehow managed to kick myself into the ass and do one of the worst moves possible on Monday morning- wake up from the warm bed trying to hug me for other 3 or 4 hours more.
Possibility of staying in?
Am I brave enough to enter the morning world?
Kind of.
I’ve read somewhere that you have to be such a kind person who is able to make the best out of Monday, because you are not the one who is still waiting for the weekends and after some time you realize you wasted your life waiting for Friday afternoon to come. You are better than that.

I am meeting so many people as I am aging, I am watching them behave their certain way, how it is natural for them, or on the other side- how is it while trying to play on the unnatural violin which life gives them from time to time. Would you say it is mostly about personality and a character of a particular person?
I attach to those people sometimes and then I am trying to find some “footprints” left by my personality. Maybe some gesture which they not knowingly took over from me. It can always be a tone of my speech or whatever. There is a possibility it can always be a place where they see me even though I am not physically being there. It’s a somehow sad and weird at the same time that there is nothing left in the important ones today.


For some people I wish they stayed longer in my life, but sometimes for me just to expose them to the world, because of them being assholes. Are you asking me why? Because it happens all the time, that you are waiting for them to help you from the fire, not knowing that they are the ones who started the flames- I’d rather pass on this one. I wish I would scream “fuck you” while we were still talking, but it’s always better later than never, right?

Well, today- sober – mindedly thinking about it (well it’s a todays goal if I say that I slept only 2 hours? Can we count it in?) then I can say- Happenings that sent me on the deepest bottom and looked like the biggest catastrophe in my life, made me smile after some time. Hilarious, right? I tend to be a supporter of a “everything bad that happened is at the end good for some reason” opinion.

Is it?

I do give a shot to my theory of “leaving a footprint” in others, but then there’s the thing, that some people don’t want to remember us and sometimes they can’t. I suppose, for their own good.


P.s: Perhaps the dawn after a long night without sleep is not the beginning of a new day, but only a continuation of the old one. Because there are a very few things we can hold onto nowadays.



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