“To travel is to live”- Part 8

There are two sides to every story, one that you are telling the others and one that’s really true.

Do you also have those weekends when it’s Friday and suddenly it is 8 pm on Sunday and you are like “where the hell the weekend go?!”

Yea, that particular thing happened to me this weekend.

I packed my stuff and took a bus to see my dearest to his hometown like I usually do. There are weekends when we are doing exactly nothing, just laying in bed watching movies, both doing our own stuff etc etc. But there are weekends when we are still in one circle of doing everything that we can possibly do not stopping even for a second. Just to be completely honest with you, you need both of those “weekends”- from time to time be lazy af, do nothing, enjoy each other and also doing 200 things because why the hell not?
This weekend was just amazing, I can say.
As I am always traveling there, I am thinking what are we going to do this weekend and that’s it. There are so many things you can do there because there are mountains, and beautiful views like almost everywhere and it’s not that hard to just grab your stuff and go somewhere because you can and you want.

The better when you are with people who are just made for you to hang out with. SO much fun, laugh, funny happenings included you can’t even imagine. Well..I know I was not “a good one” lately, which I am thinking about a lot and certainly don’t know why I was acting that way (maybe because I am a weirdo) but it’s still me and I still love you as much as at the beginning.

So let me show you what I originally wanted to start with, but my thoughts let me fly away (again).

We woke up at like 6 am (which was a suicide mission for me), sat into the car and drove like 2 hours…


…through this lovely area…

…to a Contact Zoo.
Have you ever been in one?
You can basically step inside of their “sheep-run” and caress them for a few moments because obviously there were like 583654 other people wanting to do exactly the same.


If we are talking only about farm animals or..



…exotic ones too.


“If you don’t have food, we are not going to be friends!!”

The Contact zoo is surrounded by a very beautiful area. As you cans see mountains everywhere ↓ which I am obsessed with all the time I am there.



I don’t have pictures of every single animal that was there but let’s say it was a interesting happening to see it all, let me show you a little bit more just to get into the grand finale!


Little birdies and squirrels playing together! So freaking cute when they started to climb on all of people there “asking” for more food!


“hey there big boy” – *nervous laugh” and same reaction for this one ↓


And we are here. This was one of the best meetings I’ve ever had in my life. Let me show you.


Say Hi to “Snow”- adorable little white lion. We were not allowed to touch him because he was new there and still trying to “get used to”.

Then the next baby in the row is this little guy here:

IMG_0627 (1)IMG_0628

Currently sleeping and ignoring my trying for any king of interaction.

But he let me caress him! Yass


I also got to see and caress this little baby puma, who likes sleeping as well.

To be honest, it was so beautiful I didn’t even wanted to leave, just cuddle them till the end of my life *dumb animal lover laugh*

On our way home we stopped (for me) to make some pictures in the mountains- beautiful, am I right?


Sunday was in a spirit of adventure as well!

For the first time in my life I dared to sit a on a cross motorbike!
Well it was a real experience for me if you realize that almost every day I do these articles and sitting on my ass (well what a freaking adventure this one, right?)



The day was like made for this kind of adventure!



So my whole body hurts? And so what?

 I had such a nice time!!

After such a long day, just sitting in a comfy chair, sipping some good coffee and whatever, seeing this and closing my eyes.



P.s: Thank you.


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