WEEK 4 – First month, Not so boring Walls and Olympia Park (Summer experience in Germany)

It has been officially one month since we got here!

The freaking time flies so fast I didn’t even notice that we are here this “long” already. I can’t say it is so bad as I imagined it will be. It definitely is/was a big experience for me, since I have never been living on my own this long, nor I lived at a college or had roommates or anything. This was my first time and I have to say, I liked taking care of myself and cooking for myself, making groceries shopping (like 5/7 days in a week)…and basically just be on my own. Maybe it was just because I knew it is not for “life” but just for two months…well who knows. This was a trial and I am pretty sure that I passed. At least I feel like that.

But on more artistic site now- One thing I wanted to show you- I found a few good looking pictures hanging on the walls in the company I was working at. I was so happy that there are not just blank walls without a “thing”, because that would be just depressing.

Actually, these photos has been taken at the place where L works.

So simple and so pretty at the same time.

This picture, my personal favorite, is hanging on 20 th floor where I was cleaning and firstly I didn’t really notice it and I was walking around it quite a lot. But then when I finally did, I was speechless. I don’t know about you but this picture/painting gives out so many emotions I can’t even.. For me that was something that made my heart move and I just stood there and looked at it for a few moments every single day. The last day I was at the company I came back twice just to look at it for the last time and just to silently say goodbye for good.

Anyway, the weeks were kind of alloying together and I was starting to slide into the stereotype of work and work aaaand work. I was always on my feet, running around and doing my job. I hope I at least lost some weight *haha*. I was even afraid that when I come home I would not be able to stop cleaning and would not be able to just stop doing something, like on the loop- that I basically won’t be able to rest. Well I still clean like crazy, so maybe there really is something (*nervous laugh*).

And the Saturday came (as usual) and we were at work (as usual), cleaning our butts out (as usual). I was looking out the window at this beautiful view of rainy and cloudy Munich:

Remarkable as hell, I wish I was able to see this more often..but since  we don’t have so many high buildings in my hometown where I would have access to, I can’t. Such a shame, but that’s life.

And also this was hanging in one office at one persons wall- don’t mind me, but I loved the caption!

Not so boring wall #2

On Sunday there was finally a sunny day after a week of raining and just shitty weather in general (yasss!!!!) – exactly that type of weather when you are just tired and all you wanna do is sleep all day and do nothing- and that is what? Too sad a depressive.
Well so we decided to check out this Olympia Park. It was basically full of merry-go-rounds, small shops, food trucks, souvenirs and people. Maybe something similar to a classical Fair or Market.

Me, L, Matt and Matthew climbed on the lookout and seen this ↓

Such a beautiful view guys, I was so happy and grateful I got a chance to see it. As you already know, I love everything that catch my “layman architecture eye”, because that is the weird person I am.
After we made it to the bottom of the top we found a quiet place for sitting, opened up our beers and just chilled and talked.

We actually wanted to ride this wheel the very last day we were in Munich but it turned out that it was already gone *sad face*

Such a well spent day guys, I had such a good feeling when we were sitting in Metro all tired and shit. We laughed and talked about unimportant stuff but still had a good time and that’s the most important thing here.

This episode is dedicated to the most mainstream thing in the world a human being like me can use in episode when they do not know what to use but it is oddly appropriate and the thing (or happening in general) is F R I E N D S H I P. I have found out that I do not have to push people away when they just want to talk with me. I used to have a feeling that it is kind of uncomfortable for me, that I just can’t stand/do “small talk” or even a regular talk with a person that is not so close to me while I am preparing a meal for tomorrows lunch at work. I can calmly say that a word friendship just got a new turn for me here. I have to admit that I met a few cool people while in Munich, but the thing is that I still had/have my people that I love at home, so a big shout out to you guys, you know who *wink*. Basically, this whole working trip taught me that I don’t have to be afraid of people as much as I used to and just talk and try not to avoid it so much. People can see and they can get hurt easily and that is not the best option in life that you can choose. There are better ones.
Think wisely.

I am always excited for Sundays because those are The Tripdays and that is what we need- turn all the work stuff off at least for a day.

Week 5 approaching!


P.s: Of course L made her freakishly tasty waffles on Saturday again!!! Yass


WEEK 3- Embarrassed in Gallery of Abstract Art, Saturday treat and First Goodbyes (Summer experience in Germany)

And we are back in WEEK 3.

Part I.

We started this week (or finished this day) with a peaceful run in the park. We were trying to succeed in this program called Hit. It was a type of run when you have to run for e.g 20 seconds (it is up to you) on the top of your strength then have a 2 minutes long pause and then repeat for 8 times.Honestly, after the run I felt okay, but what came a day after…I am sure I don’t have to explain.
Long story short- My muscles were dead. But I had to go on, you know, work and stuff.

Anyway, I was trying to survive another week in this month like usual. On Wednesday I was just lurking around while I was on my lunch break and found this amazingly looking comfy red couch, so as much as I wanted to go back to work, I had to try it on! So  it basically became my hiding place. I was always trying to finish up a little bit early  so I could lay on it and chill for a fee minutes before I had to go back.



Those Fridays are not the happiest days because the feeling, that on Saturday you have to wake up even earlier than usual,  is just depressing. But yea – more money, that is and always will be a good motivation for a poor student like I am. On Saturday we were usually cleaning offices and I saw this cabinet full of these funny stickers, see for yourself:


What was weird, it actually looked like my handwriting and I swear to God I had nothing to do with it!

When we finally came home after groceries shopping (endless nightmare), I made the washing machine to accept my stinky socks (and stinky socks of other people) and washed my clothes with iPod in my ears, coffee in my left hand and cigarette in the right hand. I sat in front of the house and just enjoyed the music and at last chilled after a week of working. Then I went to eat the best Saturday treat- waffles!! L makes the most delicious waffles (shout out to the cook!!) and after that we just sat down and watched series on L’s PC. What is the best relax? This totally was!



Part II.

It became a habit that we were having this little “celebration” of the end of the working days. So we sat down in front of the house and chilled with wine and all kinds of alcohol in our hands, just talking, listening to music and basically just blowing off the steam from the whole week.
Yea, as a matter of fact, the party had gone for so long and I was kind of tired, so I went to my room to check out if somebody is sleeping there or not.
I am not sure if I told you in previous parts- I had these another roommates. We were all girls there so it was fine to get along.
This Saturday night I came to the room and one of them, Lena, was still awake, sitting on her bed not being able to fall asleep. We didn’t really talk before just some basic stuff or just lazy talk or chit chat etc., but now we started to talk and talked for more than 2 hours. From funny things, through slandering people to the deep stuff. I felt like we got somehow closer, I realized we have so much in common and went through a few similar (and tough) happenings. I was glad that I got to know this girl so freaking much, even though I don’t know if we are gonna see each other anytime soon because she left early for the college interview in Denmark (and she freaking got in!!). I remember the day when she was leaving- I was heading to work at 7 am and she was leaving that exact day but at 3 pm and as I was packing my last things at 6:50 she woke up and with an adorable smile she climbed down the double decker bed and hugged me goodbye. We were standing for a few seconds and when my eyes started to moisten, I let her go, took my stuff and left.
This one is for you dear- I want to dedicate this piece to you because I feel like we had this instant connection even though we spent such a little time together and you know that this does not happen very often (at least with me). I think that our room sharing was an opportunity to get to know such a lovely and kind person and I have a feeling it came to us in the right time. Such a shame you had to leave, but there are better things out there for you, than Germany. The best is yet to come, you are an explorer, you won’t get lost in this big world, I am sure. SO don’t you worry child, everything is gonna be better, because (I said so) you deserve it. Thank you so much for you being you, I am so proud of you, you fart-laugh ♥

But let’s just come back a few days back, when we went to Art Gallery- Brandhorst together.

On the Sunday morning (12:30 pm) when I finally unsealed my eyes after this weird night full of drunk people, we were still not sure where to go that day because it was  kinda rainy outside and not even so hot, as you would expect on July. So we dressed up and done all the girly stuff and went to Metro station. Even there we did not really know where we were going. Strange? Here not.
So while underground we found this gallery of abstract art on the Internet. We came out of the station and, as usual, was not sure which way to go. But hand in hand with Google maps we finally made it there!
Honestly, the art was breathtaking! It was full of emotions and I saw so many worlds in all of the paintings…
But on the funny note- As much as I am weird and you know that I love emrbracing my weirdness – I wanted to sniff one of the paintings just for my personal satisfaction and suddenly the alarm started beeping like crazy. The security came to me, told me that I was too close to the painting and I should step away because it is forbidden to be this close. I was so embarrassed you can’t even imagine. And did I mention we were all forbidden to take pictures? Guess who was not stopped by it?
This woman.
(But yea, the security almost escorted me out when I was exposed with a camera in my hand and  (again) embarrassed look on my face)
But anyway I will let you enjoy the pieces of art itself.

Imagine me trying to take picture of this with 2 security guys in the room- just hilarious.

 Personally, my favorite one ♥ (I actually tried to sniff this one!!)

The Roses ↓


These three paintings just made me stand there and stare like an idiot because they were too beautiful for me to handle it like a normal person. Here I took a picture of the explanation of them:

This is how the gallery looked like.


UFOs everywhere.

Some streets of Munich are just too beautiful to not take a picture of.

This week was like too long, but while here, I wanted to see as much as possible. You’ll see for yourself, but till then…

See you next week (4)


WEEK 2- Smoothie Day, Garchinger Sea and Weekend Chill (Summer experience in Germany)

Monday, bloody Monday kids- that was a first thought I got when I was waking up at 5 am on Monday. Well, to be honest it is always first thought when I am waking up this early. Week 2 come at me bro!

Such an ordinary week, work needed to be done and we were there to do it all. After work, me and and Matt went groceries shopping and decided to make it a every week habit (not that we needed some kind of habit to be born, but Matt was buying food for exactly 7 days so he won’t have to go to groceries more. Well, let’s be honest, you all know that he had to go there at least another 4 times, because that was just me and my chronic forgetting to write myself a groceries list…but yea, for me? Normal.)
We explored the store and found these Smoothies and that was the end- every week habit!


The funny thing is, that exact day (Monday) when we came home from shopping I went shopping again because it would not be a day when I didn’t forget to buy something.
Like a fool.

Later that week we decided to visit our beloved Garchinger See once again and just chill with non alcoholic beer and chatting with L and Matt for a little while.



But at the weekend? More than half of the House decided to chill by the See once again and have a little personal party there. Like 2 minutes away, there was this festival called Sommerfest and the park, where the See was situated, was completely packed with people and sounds of good/weird music. Btw, it always depends on the taste in music you have, non judgmental area, alright?. We had a very lovely sunset behind us and a good night in front of us.



Matt was really happy that day because his best friend (another Matt, but let’s call Matthew, just to differentiate between the two of them ) came to live and work with us. I’ve heard a lot about him in past days so I was excited to meet him. It was real fun to hang out with him. It was a truly good evening.

By the way, I said I am going to dedicate these parts to people- This one is for you Matthew. I remember the day when you came to Garching to live with us- it was a very very hot day, I was sitting outside of the House, with my legs up on the desk, drinking coffee, smoking and listening to music, like almost every Saturday. We all saw a big car approaching our lot and then I’ve heard Matt saying that that must be you. And then there you were, all loosened up, with a guitar on your back, having that fucking sarcastic look on your face and I immediately knew that you’re gonna be a big pain in the ass. Noup, I was just joking (was I?). That time I didn’t know that I am gonna become your personal psychologist (as a part time job I would be great, but no money, no honey *haha*), but I certainly knew that it will be okay. We had a lot of fun, do you remember- with your two shirts, one trousers and one jacket? (inside joke, sorry guys). Anyway…thank you for all the bursting in the tears from laughter you old dog, it was a pleasure to get to know you.

But I have to say when these two came to see us I was a little bit scared because this little/big buddy tried to eat my arm.



The second week was a little bit weaker as the first one but let’s just wait for upcoming days.

See you on WEEK 3


WEEK 1 – or how it all started (Summer experience in Germany)

“Let the journey begin…Shall we?”

Firstly, I have decided to dedicate each part to a single person that I shared a good moment or two with. Not that I want to boost their ego or whatever, but I just wanted to appreciate the people that made my trip better.
But let’s get to business now:

15.7. Saturday: So we arrived in Munich. Another place I’ve never been to. We were sitting in the car in silence, just awaiting what is yet to come for us. After like 30 minutes we were parking in front of a rectangle building with a dark roof and shutters. My first feeling was…okay, breathe in, breathe out, you got this. We payed for the ride and were awkwardly trying to get our 159 bags into the house. I am seeing stairs..okay, I am still not sure if I’m gonna make it with the fucking luggage- long story short- I made it and almost fell down the stairs and died, the very first day- that is so me.

Well, moving on, I came to the room where I was supposed to live for 2 months and was completely shocked by the small space I will be sharing with another 5 girls.
Actually, I got like a 45 minutes long panic attack and wanted to turn around and leave. But I counted to at least 200 and  decided to go out and find Metro Station with other new people.
After we came back, L said we are going to see Marien Platz so we packed some stuff and went to see a piece of Munich the very first day. I have never been in Metro or any kind of underground vehicle (*feeling like a stupid villager right now*) so I was excited and this is what happened. We arrived at Marien Platz right in the middle of the Gay Pride. Well…I don’t have to tell you what that means- full of people, full of alcohol- full of drunk people, loud music etc etc…so when we wanted to take a picture with this ↓

The funny thing is, while we were taking some selfies, some drunkie decided to throw up right behind our backs *hidden laugh full of disgust* well, that escalated quickly.
Anyway, we were walking around for a while and then decided to come back to the House because it was getting a little late and we wanted to take a shower and unpack those 159 bags we brought with us.

The next day we went to see Garchinger See

“Mad swans”

That day was a beautiful weather so we decided to go like 15 minutes away from our House to see the beauty with our own eyes, lay down on the sun and enjoy the last free day we have before we get into the “real world”.

On Monday, we went to the company to sign some papers and be official employees (of the year).

not this, but it was kinda funny when the guy who instructed us drew it

And then another shocking thing came out- we were said we are not working that day, we are only signing the papers. Well, it turned out we were working- till 4 pm.
I was wearing a gray skirt (packed exactly no pants which I was supposed to wear), got these big boots that were 2 times bigger than my feet and a baggy blue shirt (by the way I am still wearing it while writing this) – outfit on point, don’t you think?

Maybe some of you would think that cleaning is just for people with no education and kind of a “last chance” before unemployment- well it is not- so I have become a cleaning lady for 2 months.

On my way to another building I caught myself staring at this beautiful building that was a part of the firm.

Happily, I got a chance not to work alone (thank god!!) and I was (and while writing this, I currently still am) working with a guy, also from my country, who came here with me.
By the way his name is Matt.
Never thought that I would chat this much with a man and I have to admit we were (and are) getting on very well. I was glad because I found a good friend in him. Anyway, I want to truly thank you for  every single chat we had, every single laugh we shared, because you know that I am not very good with people. Since I don’t allow a lot of people to come near me and do not have a lot of real friends (which sucks ass sometimes), I was still okay to let you see a bit of the twisted mind of mine. This one is dedicated to you because I’ve gained a true friend who I know I can count on and that is what is important now.

The very first memory is this photo … ↓

…and also a good evening while we were sitting outside the house drinking beer and just watching the sun slowly going to sleep.

The first week is always the hardest everywhere you go or start to work, so I was trying my best to learn all the things I am supposed to do and even made some lists to not forget all of it. My superior, with whom I started to work, was a nice and sweet lady, always in a good mood etc etc. Just lovely to work and spend time with. Yeah, there were days when I was tired or she was angry but we made it and at the end of the week I was feeling more confident about my “work knowledge”.

The first week after work we went to see the town a little bit and I have to say, as a big fan of architecture, I saw some pretty good pieces that resonate in my mind even till now.

Anyway, the 6 days of work went by and there was Sunday awaiting for us. Firstly, me and L cooked a good lunch together because we decided that at least once a week we need to eat some meat (a real food, not just pre-made stuff or a fast food). We were all tired after the whole week, but still decided to explore the town a little bit more. My friends were here in Munich last year so they knew the town a little bit more so they took me to see some interesting places.


I have to admit, the first week was hard on me because my legs hurt a freaking lot but I was still processing that I am somewhere else than my hometown. You know the little excitement from something that is yet to come but you don’t know what exactly it is.

See you in  Week 2 🙏🏻




Guys! Long time no see! I know…where did she disappear for this long?

So, this happened I took a summer job opportunity in Germany.

I was really really stressed out to talk about it before so I just shut my mouth and let it be because I knew about it since about November 2016. SO , I finished my exams in May, so I had 2 months tops to stress out even more because it was closer and closer, day by day.

The night before (14th July) I was not able to sleep. I was at least happy that L was with me, because guess what? She was coming to Germany as well!! Fuck yea. Anyway, we repacked our bags and stuff like 2 times and had like 159 pieces of other luggage, which was another thing to stress about. Yass.

Traveling fever for life!

We were waking up at 4 am and about 6 am we had to wait for the car that was supposed to take us to Munich, Germany. It was Saturday morning, the roads were clear and silent and I was sick as hell (short notice: almost threw up like 3 times, but still managed to do my make up and pack the last things).

One of the hardest goodbyes was with HIM yea, I cried like a little child, but this morning was hard because of my dog. I hold him to the last minute and nearly did burst into tears when I had to let him go and close the door behind me.

So we left. Said goodbye to my whole family, and friends and was coming to Munich for 2 months. I decided to make this a 10 main episodes (with this one as well) long journey and of course I am taking you with me. A few of them will be divided into 2 parts but that is not important right now. One week- 2 episodes.

So stay with me and you will get to know more. I promise beautiful photos, memories and maybe a few funny stories?

We will see, or yea, you will see.

Thank you for still being here.