WEEK 4 – First month, Not so boring Walls and Olympia Park (Summer experience in Germany)

It has been officially one month since we got here!

The freaking time flies so fast I didn’t even notice that we are here this “long” already. I can’t say it is so bad as I imagined it will be. It definitely is/was a big experience for me, since I have never been living on my own this long, nor I lived at a college or had roommates or anything. This was my first time and I have to say, I liked taking care of myself and cooking for myself, making groceries shopping (like 5/7 days in a week)…and basically just be on my own. Maybe it was just because I knew it is not for “life” but just for two months…well who knows. This was a trial and I am pretty sure that I passed. At least I feel like that.

But on more artistic site now- One thing I wanted to show you- I found a few good looking pictures hanging on the walls in the company I was working at. I was so happy that there are not just blank walls without a “thing”, because that would be just depressing.

Actually, these photos has been taken at the place where L works.

So simple and so pretty at the same time.

This picture, my personal favorite, is hanging on 20 th floor where I was cleaning and firstly I didn’t really notice it and I was walking around it quite a lot. But then when I finally did, I was speechless. I don’t know about you but this picture/painting gives out so many emotions I can’t even.. For me that was something that made my heart move and I just stood there and looked at it for a few moments every single day. The last day I was at the company I came back twice just to look at it for the last time and just to silently say goodbye for good.

Anyway, the weeks were kind of alloying together and I was starting to slide into the stereotype of work and work aaaand work. I was always on my feet, running around and doing my job. I hope I at least lost some weight *haha*.Β I was even afraid that when I come home I would not be able to stop cleaning and would not be able to just stop doing something, like on the loop- that I basically won’t be able to rest. Well I still clean like crazy, so maybe there really is something (*nervous laugh*).

And the Saturday came (as usual) and we were at work (as usual), cleaning our butts out (as usual). I was looking out the window at this beautiful view of rainy and cloudy Munich:

Remarkable as hell, I wish I was able to see this more often..but since Β we don’t have so many high buildings in my hometown where I would have access to, I can’t. Such a shame, but that’s life.

And also this was hanging in one office at one persons wall- don’t mind me, but I loved the caption!

Not so boring wall #2

On Sunday there was finally a sunny day after a week of raining and just shitty weather in general (yasss!!!!) – exactly that type of weather when you are just tired and all you wanna do is sleep all day and do nothing- and that is what? Too sad a depressive.
Well so we decided to check out this Olympia Park. It was basically full of merry-go-rounds, small shops, food trucks, souvenirs and people. Maybe something similar to a classical Fair or Market.

Me, L, Matt and Matthew climbed on the lookout and seen this ↓

Such a beautiful view guys, I was so happy and grateful I got a chance to see it. As you already know, I love everything that catch my “layman architecture eye”, because that is the weird person I am.
After we made it to the bottom of the top we found a quiet place for sitting, opened up our beers and just chilled and talked.

We actually wanted to ride this wheel the very last day we were in Munich but it turned out that it was already gone *sad face*

Such a well spent day guys, I had such a good feeling when we were sitting in Metro all tired and shit. We laughed and talked about unimportant stuff but still had a good time and that’s the most important thing here.

This episode is dedicated to the most mainstream thing in the world a human being like me can use in episode when they do not know what to use but it is oddly appropriate and the thing (or happening in general) is F R I E N D S H I P. I have found out that I do not have to push people away when they just want to talk with me. I used to have a feeling that it is kind of uncomfortable for me, that I just can’t stand/do “small talk” or even a regular talk with a person that is not so close to me while I am preparing a meal for tomorrows lunch at work. I can calmly say that a word friendship just got a new turn for me here. I have to admit that I met a few cool people while in Munich, but the thing is that I still had/have my people that I love at home, so a big shout out to you guys, you know who *wink*. Basically, this whole working trip taught me that I don’t have to be afraid of people as much as I used to and just talk and try not to avoid it so much. People can see and they can get hurt easily and that is not the best option in life that you can choose. There are better ones.
Think wisely.

I am always excited for Sundays because those are The Tripdays and that is what we need- turn all the work stuff off at least for a day.

Week 5 approaching!


P.s: Of course L made her freakishly tasty waffles on Saturday again!!! Yass


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