WEEK 6, PART 1- * S A L V A D O R * D A L Í * Biblia Sacra exhibition (Summer experience in Germany)


And I am back with my journey in the sixth week!

While I am writing this, it is a Monday morning on week 7, sitting in our cleaning room, going through the pictures I have taken and reminiscing about the sixth week.
I always do that, since my mind is like a goldfish and I tend to forget so so much that happened- so I take pictures and whenever I look at particular one, I usually get the particular memory in my head. At least something because sometimes I don’t even remember what I had for lunch the day before.

But anyway, this week contents 2 major trips/visitations.
I want to make it easier to read so I am gonna split into 2 parts so you can enjoy both in the better way than joined together. Sit tight and make yourself at home.

This week started with an unexpected turn- we were going to see exhibition of Salvador Dalí- Biblia Sacra. Yea, on Monday evening I came from work, packed myself a small bag and went to see this genius with my own eyes.
The exhibition was happening till 10 pm, so we had a lot of time for exploring. The exhibition was divided into 2 parts- 1st was full of Salvador Dalí’s biblical images and the 2nd was Dante Alighieri and his collection of biblical art.

The first part was a really quiet one. As you know when you come to a gallery everyone is just whispering when they want to say a word or two to their companion. Generally, it all had kind of a calm and peaceful vibe. We came as a medium big group but quickly divided into small ones or even to singles. I went all alone because every time I come to any kind of gallery, I like to explore on my own. And I also wanna take pictures (even though in most cases it is forbidden) because that’s kind of a person I am. Or I just want you all to see it? Questionable.

Anyway, I went from one corner to another, seeing all those colors as well as not that colorful ones, enjoying the quietness and my imagination of “what can I personally see in the paintings” was about to start.

Since there was a huge sign “no pictures allowed”, I made my “alone journey” a bit quicker, took pictures and then went one more time, but slower.

The whole point of the exhibition was cut out of the Bible, as you can tell from the title of the whole opening. Basically everything from the real start of the world to the very last battle in the Heaven. I don’t know how many of you are religiously involved here, but this is it, this is the truth.
These paintings were mostly from the year ’64 so that must have been a pretty pro creative year for Dalí.
But, let me cut this short, these are the ones that caught my eye the most:


After we came out it was kind of dark a this was the area that was in the middle of it

The second part of the exhibition was dedicated to works of Dante Alighieri as I mentioned earlier- but there were really no pictures allowed. When we walked into the room all camera ready, it turned out that there is a guard. Well, a man with a long hair in ponytail, sitting on a high chair, with an angry face, drawing something on a small piece of paper. Every time someone got too close to something he got all nervous and started to warn people to not to touch that or that…
But I still managed to make at least two pictures (yasss!)

The gallery was situated near one beautiful place (packed with people of course) in Munich: Karls Platz.
Basically it is something like a passenger square with a fountain and shops that were put into old and I would say some of them into a historical buildings.


As a final thing I would say, I have always been in love with art. Whether it was abstract or some particular course. The last picture is bizzare and artsy as hell- it really shows how the nature of art is so miscellaneous.

Also found on the Karls Platz

Part 2 of week 6- here we go!

P.s: I did not forget about the dedication- I am just saving it for the Part II. Can’t wait!


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