One of many

“What defines a man is not food, however, but the appetite with which he consumes it”

People are different.

This quote from a piece of art called Walden just reminded me of their portrayal.

One person enjoys every single bite of the meal that they are eating…

…the other just quickly eats up the whole plate because they have to.

One side really enjoy every single second of their life, they value it because it is something precious, but the other one…they just want it to be quickly over.

Sad or true?






,,Can you tolerate this difference?”


There are so many differences between people. But still, we are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same but on the other hand we will never be the same, we are living in the reality or in the little personal hidden space in your head, that only you can call shelter. I think, in every harmony is a little piece of disharmony, I mean, everywhere I go, I see it – disrespect, racism and some kind of negative reaction on something completely normal. We, as human race, have this in common: breathing the same air, sharing something that keeps us alive-  and you are saying that somebody is less than you are?

Have you ever thought about questioning yourself, if you do that, then why do you even do that?
I have like so many thoughts about a word “different” in my mind, but I have a feeling that this is enough for now.

Just think about this beautiful metaphor.


P.s: I am not being moral or something, we all have our sins, but when I look at the picture full of extraordinary and different donuts, I see this. And sure, you can imagine like 150 things, if somebody say a word “difference” but still, think about it from every point of view you can.
By the way, I sent this picture to very close friend of mine and he immediately responded, that this should be a good thing for this blog- with a caption: Differences. You surprise and inspire me every day, thank you 🙂