Pesky gazes

After a while, the constant presence of smarmy eyes of theirs were starting to become annoying for her.
She had a feeling, that from now, she have to pay attention to every single movement of hers.
To every single glimpse.



She finally got a question she wanted. He asked her what can he give her that she never ever got before.

“Stability.” – was her response.

“If you want to give me something, that I have never got from anyone else, please, do not give me mixed signals and miscellaneous feelings, because of which I am gonna be just insecure and nervous. I am tired of being insecure. If you want to be with me, you simply have to stay here by my side. All I need here is feeling stable.


Hemingway knew about it long before we did

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure that it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.

Ernest Hemingway 

Everyone must have experienced this at least once in their lives. Don’t try to tell me the opposite, but look into the mirror, watch the dark circles under your eyes getting even darker and then tell me that I am a liar.

We all have been broken by something or somebody. That stuff happens. Most of the people will learn their lesson and become stronger after this unpleasant happening. The most important thing is the approach they will create or the inner statement they will believe in.
It is said, that if it is not going to break you, it will kill you.

How come?

Because you have to let the pain break you, that’s the only way you are going to get over it and let the time heal you properly. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?
If you will suppress the pain and the agony inside of you, you will soon explode and there is a strong possibility that it will kill you for good. Not for real, but kill any attempt to be normal again. By normal I mean, to  integrate and socialize again. Like you used to…you still remember that, do you?

If you just decide to not to do anything with the reality of “underground” you will just survive day by day, you will not live. You will just count down the days till you simply stop and your body will turn off. That’s why the “no special hurry” like it is said, it is going to kill you slowly, day by day, from worse to the worst.

We all know who is the only one able to stop it.


P.s: I do think he was right.Instagram

Let’s face it

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”


Today I was reading an article about people in general, behavior and stuff. I’ve read there one interesting sentence: ,,People are scared to face their life, to face the reality.”  So I stopped for a second and realized that it’s kinda true. We are afraid of so many things in our lives, sometimes even without noticing because it’s a part of us.

  • Take this as a example- love. Love will make you feel the best and the worst in your life. Let’s be honest here – who have never gone through breakup? I don’t think I have to question you in this. It will genuinely rip your heart out of your chest when you are able to realize the true value of love, relationship, loyalty and faith which you are supposed to carry in your heart towards your partner. People are afraid of this. Of all of this. They are afraid of the fragility and afraid of the end.
  • Another example – people who really wanna “be the best”. Let me explain. Now I am in the position because I am in the “crowd”. People who are truly scared of their school grades.( I am sorry but everytime I see this, I whisper a silent “what the fuck, oh hell no” sentence.) They are afraid of failing, because they need to do their best, have freaking A’s and outrun everybody…or maybe they just need to do that because they wanna feel the pride of their parents and even pride of their own..whatever. You see, it happens.
  • Example numero tre –  People can’t be where they really wanna be in this minute. They are afraid of time, that it will break their souls and they will never have chance to go where they truly belong, to explore their inner me and just do what they really wanted to do, wherever in the world. They are afraid of not moving from one point to another just because of one or two teeny tiny little things holding them back.

Yea, as we can see, it all happens (and just to be clear, if you found yourself there don’t be scared of reading more, go on) and yes, people have insecurities and they are scared of the pain of loosing. Whether it is the pain of loosing your partner, loosing the good grade or loosing the opportunity to be somewhere where you need to be, it is true.

Tell me, how can you really love somebody or do what makes you happy, when you are still afraid/holding yourself back? You really need to stop doing it, you really need to stop getting so scared.

In fact, pain is a feeling, which you are most afraid to feel. But to make it completely right and alive and kicking, is not to break you and let you fall down, but kick your ass and make you do something. You are supposed to transform this kind of feeling into something progressive- e.g you are feeling fucked up, so you should try to find some way to make yourself feel better, not to make yourself feeling even worse. You should keep that on mind when you have a feeling like you can’t…hmm…when you have a feeling that you just literally can’t. Period.

Because there are  many and many things to be scared about, you can’t imagine how many, it’s very individual. But the real thing is, that even if there are so many things to be scared of, you don’t let them feelings to be one of them.


P.s: Don’t be afraid to face this sky, even if sometimes you don’t really know to which corner you are supposed to go. Believe your instincts.