WEEK 8, Part 1- The Half Survival of my iPhone Under the Water and Late to Work for the FIRST Time – STORY TIME 2/4 (Summer experience in Germany)





Previously in WEEK 7: I was under the impression that everything is gone…all the pictures from Germany, all the blogs I have pre-written…other more than 1000 pictures…I was devastated, I had a big part of my life there.
Everything became dark.
That is the reason I have no more new pictures for you and I am so so sorry but that is the truth, but…


I woke up on Monday and I was still very sad, thought that I really lost everything, so after work I decided to turn it on. I was pretty nervous, shaking and on the edge with tears but I was on a call with my dear and he pushed me to do it and assured me that it will 100% work. He was actually a big help in this and I wanna thank him that he did not freak out with me and had his calm mode on.
So, I manned up and said to myself a magical sentence- “You’re gonna survive this”, and I picked it out from the rice bowl and pushed the on/off button.
Imagine me in shock finding out that I just touched the button and it lighted up. First thought was like fuck yea it survived!! But then I was like wait, how come it is “on” immediately without the whole process of turning on? Was it possible that I did not turn it off properly?
Well anyway, the next thing that made me tear up was the screen, because it was “under the water”. It was half smeared with water and different shades of colors, so I started to cry partly out of relieve and partly because I was still unsure. Like, I know that I am maybe doing a big deal out of it (which I 100% am), but I was in a foreign country, wanted to absorb everything through pictures and suddenly I was not able to do it. After a better analyze I figured out that the camera is dead and is not working at all. Firstly it was just smeared as hell but after like an hour it went completely blank, as well as the light function. First thing I’ve done was that I quickly transfered every single picture to the USB I had there with me, as well as all the pre-written blogs and everything that might come in handy. Jacks and charging fortunately survived (yasss!!!) and another good thing was that the phone after about 3 days almost fully dried off, so I was really happy at least for this.

This was a perfect example of a “blessing in disguise“-  it worked for everything, but one of the most important things on it was dead.
The only thing I can say is, shit happens, I guess.
Now, even though I have like literally no pockets on my trousers, I always double check if I have something in those non existent pockets, just in case.


In the Week 8, I decided to make a little stop (again) and make it a PART 1 and PART 2 because those two last weeks were like packed with happenings. No pictures, but at least a story time!!



Another surprising thing that happened was that for almost 2 months of waking up to work at the same time, we came late to work, for the first time. But it was not just like an ordinary “oversleeping situation”, but kind of a big trouble.

So, since a lot of people left back to our country as I mentioned in WEEK 7, a lot of rooms were empty and M decided that he wants to sleep in one of them to finally have a decent sleep at least for a night or two.
The thing was that he was living in a room with two other guys and spared the door with other 6 people in the next room. Like 90% of the House were waking up more than 2 hours earlier than him and they always woke him up literally in the middle of the night. That’s why he was happy that he can sleep somewhere else even though the end of our trip was almost at the end. He only brought his pc, pyjamas and breakfast with him and …read for yourself ↓

The morning came and I usually wake up two hours earlier before we were leaving, so I washed my hair, had breakfast, coffee, made myself a decent looking human being and right when we were supposed to leave I open my door to see M standing in the hall, in pyjamas with a phone on his ear speaking something about locked door…I was immediately like fuck no. So it turned out that his roommates locked him out from their room and he did not bring any clothes no keys, no ID or backpack with him, so that was kind of a problem because he couldn’t go to work in PJ’s.

Well long story short, we were screwed because I was the only other (living) person in the House, I had to help him. I was angry as hell and started to run on my Metro because I was kinda late (as usual).

It was then 7:07 am.
On my way to the Metro I called L and explained the whole situation to her and asked her to reach out to K (M’s roomie) because, as we figured, he was the one who locked the door, had the key and at the same time he was closest to the House. I texted with him in Metro and he told me he will be waiting on me at the station so he can give me keys.
I was like “Can you come to the station? Like won’t it be a trouble?” and he was like “Yea, might be a trouble but what can I do?”
I finally came to his station, it was like 7:33 am and he just handed me the keys said that he was sorry for maybe 4th time and I immediately jumped on a Metro that was coming back to the House.
I arrived at the house approximately at 7:50 am and we were supposed to be at work at 8 am.
M got dressed, I was still kinda pissed at the whole situation because I fucking hate being late! I do that from time to time but just to let you know I really hate myself for that. Our next Metro was leaving at 8:11 am and the whole ride to work we were trying to figure out what are we gonna say to the boss but at the end just told the truth.

When we arrived at work it was, I guess, 8:40 am and our boss was already waiting for us, a little scared, but as soon as she saw us she was kinda relieved and happy to see us. There was no problem with coming late, since we explained what happened.

There you go guys, those were only 2 stories that happened during the WEEK 8 and there are 2 more!!

Have a little patience with me please, I know I did not post for a while but the truth is, that my heart somehow did not want it to end that quickly. You see.

Thank you for reading my journey, because this is really happening- only two more episodes till the very end.




WEEK 7-Hysterical Saturday Happening, Inevitable Goodbyes and a Message to Young Adults (SUMMER EXPERIENCE IN GERMANY)


The seventh week was kind of weak, since we had a lot to do and no time to just live the ordinary and chilled life we wanted. Hell yea, we came here to work, but still, we all wanted a little while for ourselves and just rest and do, well actually nothing. If you don’t want that, just raise your hand.

We had only two weeks to the very end and since there were a few people who were still on high school they had to pack their stuff and leave. Unfortunately, there was no other choice. There was this- people have built a few incredible friendships here at the House, that kind of friendships that are not easy to forget.

The House started to become quieter and quieter because there was the date of 1st of September and a few people were already gone as I mentioned, then 8th of September- more people left and when on 13th of September the main gate closed behind a few others, the air became “totally different”. That day we went to sleep with a weird quietness around us (if we are not counting this German guy who lived in the same “hall” of the House as me and had TV on till like 4 am.- every single freaking day!!), no people laughing and drinking downstairs, no girls smoking outside while drinking beer, no people talking in the halls, nobody tripping on the stairs anymore…it was kind of a unbelievable happening out there. When we somehow got used to the noise, it suddenly stopped. There were only 10 of us left.
It was official.
But I am foreshadowing now. ↓↓↓

This week was the last for high schoolers as I mentioned. Over the course of these two months I had the opportunity to talk to each and every one of you and I have to say, people are so so different and I was able to see it there. One of them was about to go to study Japanese language, other two fell in love in here (spoiler alert: A and B!!!) and are currently experiencing a distance relationship – coincidentally with women from our country since at the House we were all from one country,another one has been working many jobs and is still at high school, guys…like I can’t even, the diversity of people is just too much for me sometimes. I like that every single on of them was different…it does make a human being feel special at some point. And that’s why I want to dedicate this one to you, my young adults. And again, I know that none of you will never stumble upon this blog, but at least I can be general.

To all of you out there: I know that you might be insecure or scared about what’s gonna happen next, but honestly, don’t be. Life has something terrific for you, it has its aces in its sleeves. It always has. When I was 18, I would kill for a good advice. As a matter of fact, your life is just starting now.
Travel as much as you can.
Meet new people.
Experience the unknown.

Take pictures.
Fall in love.
Go nuts. Go crazy.
Enjoy the life to the fullest.
When something fucks up just talk to yourself like: ” Look I know that you are upset and sad right now, but there are worst things that might happen and didn’t yet, it is not the end of the world.”

And that’s it…it is not the end of the world. Not everyone is able to understand or accept that when something fucked up happens. So I am just letting you know that there is always a new day if you did not happen to know. Don’t worry.

“Thank you to all of you that I was talking about…you guys…you can make big things, just don’t give up and be good people…I wish nothing more.”


You guys you won’t even be able to understand what happened next because I am still not in a state of mind that I accept that happening.
Saturday- 2nd September:
As usual, we went to work. Most of the people were asleep since there was a party on Friday (again, as usual). I was in a hurry because I was kind of late (as usual again and again) and I just needed to go pee so freaking much you can’t even imagine so I sprinted to the bathroom left my bag outside but brought my phone with me I don’t even know why and put it into my back pocket. I am pretty sure you now know where am I heading with this. So as I was pulling the pants down I just heard a dull sound and a splash….I immediately knew that I fucked up, big time. So at that particular second without even thinking, I reached for my beloved old phone into the toilet (experienced enough from work) and started to shake like those little bag dogs when they are cold. I was in shock, I run out (with my pants back on) of the bathroom and started to cry so hard. I sat on stairs I turn the phone off  because it is always necessary to do it when something like this happens (and it stayed off till Monday ↓) and was not able to move. It all happened during like 1 minute and 30 seconds but it was like an hour for me. We had to hurry the hell up because we were already late for out Metro and needed to get to work on time. Imagine me having a mental breakdown because of the phone, crying the whole way to work (like 45 minutes) and then sobbing for like the half of our Saturday shift…I was a mess guys. I was under the impression that everything is gone…all the pictures from Germany, all the blogs I have pre-written…other more than 1000 pictures…I was devastated, I had a big part of my life there.
Everything became dark.
Like these pictures.

Thank God that after I calmed down and stopped having like 25th panic attack in a row I got an idea. I had a tablet with me there and that little thingie was able to accept SIM cards. Way to go- I went to buy a reduction to a electronic shop and was able to talk on the phone and have a few of the apps that I had in my phone. The funniest thing was, that when I was phoning somebody it looked like I was holding a flat TV on my ear.

That is the reason I have no more new pictures for you and I am so so sorry but that is the truth, but…

More on this Friday be continued on Monday in Week 8, I guess.You will get to know what more happened and if my three year old iPhone survived the encounter with water.

WEEK 8 is coming guys and you will get to know what happened- stay tuned, the end is really really close.



P.s: For the header image I am thankful to L, she was willing to give me a few pictures she took so I have at least something since the accident..so again T H A N K * Y O U darling!

WEEK 6, PART 2- The Worst Awakening, Alps Mountain Climbing and a Birthday Cake (Summer experience in Germany)

Part II.

The weekend of the sixth weekend was kind of long. Let me explain.
On Saturday we were working our butts off, as usual. Matt was having his birthday on Sunday and wanted to invite some friends over for a drink and a little chat on Saturday night. So be it.
Annnnd on Saturday I made a cake!! Oh okay you though I was baking- hmm let me let you down- I bought a frozen cake (muhaha) and even though it was a frozen kind it was delicious (and a little bit burned but that happens to everyone, right?)

It was a chilled night, we relaxed and chatted in kitchen space, drinking and (in my case) just trying to be social.
A little before midnight a lot of people went to sleep or left to catch one of the last metros and I just simply waited till the midnight to officially wish him the best in the world for his 24th birthday! What a good friend I am. But then, we both had to go to sleep because at the morning we were heading towards another adventure- Neuschwanstein Castle ↓

What is the best morning you could ever have? – being awaken 30 minutes before the alarm by a huge noise, drunk people talking in your room and a unknown man in the opposite bed of mine? If you responded with this- you are right. Such a delightful happening. I started to yell at them to leave the fucking room and go talk somewhere else. Little harsh, but shit happens. Positive vibes only.
We woke up with L (and a few other people) made breakfast, packed our bags and left the house in a good mood anyway. We were traveling by train, 3 hours away from Munich, hoping that we will come to the right destination. I ordered myself to sleep a little but the sleep was not coming so I listened to music the whole ride there. When we finally arrived it was kind of smothery weather, like it’s about to rain. When we took off the train we had to quickly from train station to the bus that was about to bring us to the “village” where the castle was situated.

There were 4 places we wanted to see that day- Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle, Alpen See and the town/village we came to.
We managed to see 3/4 and which were those 3 you are about to read.

First of all we went to see the Hohenschwangau Castle because it was the closest.

We had to “climb” up the hill and man, it was something. But yea, beautiful area, views, architecture…something for me. The first problem that I detected when we came there was that it was really overcrowded- I mean, when I wanted to take a picture I had to wait for like 10 people to move out of my lens and you can easily imagine the rage I was going through every single time *haha*

The next on the list was Alpen See (Alp Sea). Since we were really close to Alps clearly saw the beautiful mountains in the background.

I have to admit it took my breath away, the view was just marvelous.
We, as a group, even made a Polaroid picture that I took because I am kind of a freak with this- I love collecting them.

I wanted to dedicate this one to all of you guys who came to the trip with me- Even though the day started kind of shitty but you were able to make my day better. Thank you for a sweet and a positive trip where I felt like a part of group and not just like an outcast. Even though we did not know each other so well, I had a nice time with all of you and I am really grateful for that. These Sundays were just about this- go out, see the parts we haven’t seen before and just have a good time. Thank you for that, even though you will never read this, but you are all appreciated in the best way possible. 

And now- *drum rolls* – the main course, ladies and gentleman- Neuschwanstein Castle.
To be completely honest, it really was beautiful. We didn’t get to go inside of the castle since first of all we were supposed to book the tour 2 days before coming and secondly- the tour was only 30 mins.

But there was still one stop that made my heart stop a little- Marien Brücke aka Marien Bridge.

Can you see the long bridge in the distance? Well this was the view from the castle.

And this was the view from the bridge.

Anyway, it was a really long bridge as well as full of people who were trying to take the perfect picture of the castle. After a while it became too much for me because I was feeling that I am getting a panic attack because of that so I just left. Before that I quickly snapped the board with the story behind the bridge.

And I also took a picture of what is under the bridge (water? Is that you?)


And the views? just amazing!!

You can clearly see the whole are around the castle, I was mesmerized.

When we were leaving I run into my family that is living in Munich, particularly my cousin with his parents and wife. We were chatting on the phone on Saturday and I was kinda hoping I will meet them and coincidentally it happened! We stood there and chat for a few minutes and then our paths split hence there were going to see the castle and we were just leaving.

After like 3 and a half hours of walking we were too dead to see the town so we skipped this part and just sat on the bench half sleeping half scrolling on the phones. I was completely exhausted.
When we were ready to leave the information board was telling us that our train was canceled due to some reconstruction work on the railways. I was like what the fuck, no!
Well luckily the next train was about to come in another 30 mins.
Thank God!

I comfortably sat down in the train, preparing for the best exhaustion sleep ever and suddenly my phone rang.
It was my cousin telling me to look over my shoulder. So my sleep was again canceled due to family meeting. But I was still glad I got to meet with them and chat for more than like 3 seconds.

We came to Munich after 2 hours of train ride and I just remember me being mind absent all the time till we came home and I got to eat and sleep.

My whole impression? It was a really beautiful trip, the only thing that made me really say “wow” was the Alpen See because in the country where I come from we have a lot of castles and historical stuff. But still- Both of these castles were so so beautiful.
One thing that made me anxious and mad was that that day was a very shitty light outside. The sun was out for one minute and then hiding behind the clouds and I was almost unable to take good pictures. Everything was either too bright or too dark- that was the thing that disappointed me the most about the trip.

But anyway I came home exhausted as hell and that particular exhaustion was a good one with my head full of memories and satisfaction.

The end is coming soon-> Week 7


WEEK 6, PART 1- * S A L V A D O R * D A L Í * Biblia Sacra exhibition (Summer experience in Germany)


And I am back with my journey in the sixth week!

While I am writing this, it is a Monday morning on week 7, sitting in our cleaning room, going through the pictures I have taken and reminiscing about the sixth week.
I always do that, since my mind is like a goldfish and I tend to forget so so much that happened- so I take pictures and whenever I look at particular one, I usually get the particular memory in my head. At least something because sometimes I don’t even remember what I had for lunch the day before.

But anyway, this week contents 2 major trips/visitations.
I want to make it easier to read so I am gonna split into 2 parts so you can enjoy both in the better way than joined together. Sit tight and make yourself at home.

This week started with an unexpected turn- we were going to see exhibition of Salvador Dalí- Biblia Sacra. Yea, on Monday evening I came from work, packed myself a small bag and went to see this genius with my own eyes.
The exhibition was happening till 10 pm, so we had a lot of time for exploring. The exhibition was divided into 2 parts- 1st was full of Salvador Dalí’s biblical images and the 2nd was Dante Alighieri and his collection of biblical art.

The first part was a really quiet one. As you know when you come to a gallery everyone is just whispering when they want to say a word or two to their companion. Generally, it all had kind of a calm and peaceful vibe. We came as a medium big group but quickly divided into small ones or even to singles. I went all alone because every time I come to any kind of gallery, I like to explore on my own. And I also wanna take pictures (even though in most cases it is forbidden) because that’s kind of a person I am. Or I just want you all to see it? Questionable.

Anyway, I went from one corner to another, seeing all those colors as well as not that colorful ones, enjoying the quietness and my imagination of “what can I personally see in the paintings” was about to start.

Since there was a huge sign “no pictures allowed”, I made my “alone journey” a bit quicker, took pictures and then went one more time, but slower.

The whole point of the exhibition was cut out of the Bible, as you can tell from the title of the whole opening. Basically everything from the real start of the world to the very last battle in the Heaven. I don’t know how many of you are religiously involved here, but this is it, this is the truth.
These paintings were mostly from the year ’64 so that must have been a pretty pro creative year for Dalí.
But, let me cut this short, these are the ones that caught my eye the most:


After we came out it was kind of dark a this was the area that was in the middle of it

The second part of the exhibition was dedicated to works of Dante Alighieri as I mentioned earlier- but there were really no pictures allowed. When we walked into the room all camera ready, it turned out that there is a guard. Well, a man with a long hair in ponytail, sitting on a high chair, with an angry face, drawing something on a small piece of paper. Every time someone got too close to something he got all nervous and started to warn people to not to touch that or that…
But I still managed to make at least two pictures (yasss!)

The gallery was situated near one beautiful place (packed with people of course) in Munich: Karls Platz.
Basically it is something like a passenger square with a fountain and shops that were put into old and I would say some of them into a historical buildings.


As a final thing I would say, I have always been in love with art. Whether it was abstract or some particular course. The last picture is bizzare and artsy as hell- it really shows how the nature of art is so miscellaneous.

Also found on the Karls Platz

Part 2 of week 6- here we go!

P.s: I did not forget about the dedication- I am just saving it for the Part II. Can’t wait!

WEEK 3- Embarrassed in Gallery of Abstract Art, Saturday treat and First Goodbyes (Summer experience in Germany)

And we are back in WEEK 3.

Part I.

We started this week (or finished this day) with a peaceful run in the park. We were trying to succeed in this program called Hit. It was a type of run when you have to run for e.g 20 seconds (it is up to you) on the top of your strength then have a 2 minutes long pause and then repeat for 8 times.Honestly, after the run I felt okay, but what came a day after…I am sure I don’t have to explain.
Long story short- My muscles were dead. But I had to go on, you know, work and stuff.

Anyway, I was trying to survive another week in this month like usual. On Wednesday I was just lurking around while I was on my lunch break and found this amazingly looking comfy red couch, so as much as I wanted to go back to work, I had to try it on! So  it basically became my hiding place. I was always trying to finish up a little bit early  so I could lay on it and chill for a fee minutes before I had to go back.



Those Fridays are not the happiest days because the feeling, that on Saturday you have to wake up even earlier than usual,  is just depressing. But yea – more money, that is and always will be a good motivation for a poor student like I am. On Saturday we were usually cleaning offices and I saw this cabinet full of these funny stickers, see for yourself:


What was weird, it actually looked like my handwriting and I swear to God I had nothing to do with it!

When we finally came home after groceries shopping (endless nightmare), I made the washing machine to accept my stinky socks (and stinky socks of other people) and washed my clothes with iPod in my ears, coffee in my left hand and cigarette in the right hand. I sat in front of the house and just enjoyed the music and at last chilled after a week of working. Then I went to eat the best Saturday treat- waffles!! L makes the most delicious waffles (shout out to the cook!!) and after that we just sat down and watched series on L’s PC. What is the best relax? This totally was!



Part II.

It became a habit that we were having this little “celebration” of the end of the working days. So we sat down in front of the house and chilled with wine and all kinds of alcohol in our hands, just talking, listening to music and basically just blowing off the steam from the whole week.
Yea, as a matter of fact, the party had gone for so long and I was kind of tired, so I went to my room to check out if somebody is sleeping there or not.
I am not sure if I told you in previous parts- I had these another roommates. We were all girls there so it was fine to get along.
This Saturday night I came to the room and one of them, Lena, was still awake, sitting on her bed not being able to fall asleep. We didn’t really talk before just some basic stuff or just lazy talk or chit chat etc., but now we started to talk and talked for more than 2 hours. From funny things, through slandering people to the deep stuff. I felt like we got somehow closer, I realized we have so much in common and went through a few similar (and tough) happenings. I was glad that I got to know this girl so freaking much, even though I don’t know if we are gonna see each other anytime soon because she left early for the college interview in Denmark (and she freaking got in!!). I remember the day when she was leaving- I was heading to work at 7 am and she was leaving that exact day but at 3 pm and as I was packing my last things at 6:50 she woke up and with an adorable smile she climbed down the double decker bed and hugged me goodbye. We were standing for a few seconds and when my eyes started to moisten, I let her go, took my stuff and left.
This one is for you dear- I want to dedicate this piece to you because I feel like we had this instant connection even though we spent such a little time together and you know that this does not happen very often (at least with me). I think that our room sharing was an opportunity to get to know such a lovely and kind person and I have a feeling it came to us in the right time. Such a shame you had to leave, but there are better things out there for you, than Germany. The best is yet to come, you are an explorer, you won’t get lost in this big world, I am sure. SO don’t you worry child, everything is gonna be better, because (I said so) you deserve it. Thank you so much for you being you, I am so proud of you, you fart-laugh ♥

But let’s just come back a few days back, when we went to Art Gallery- Brandhorst together.

On the Sunday morning (12:30 pm) when I finally unsealed my eyes after this weird night full of drunk people, we were still not sure where to go that day because it was  kinda rainy outside and not even so hot, as you would expect on July. So we dressed up and done all the girly stuff and went to Metro station. Even there we did not really know where we were going. Strange? Here not.
So while underground we found this gallery of abstract art on the Internet. We came out of the station and, as usual, was not sure which way to go. But hand in hand with Google maps we finally made it there!
Honestly, the art was breathtaking! It was full of emotions and I saw so many worlds in all of the paintings…
But on the funny note- As much as I am weird and you know that I love emrbracing my weirdness – I wanted to sniff one of the paintings just for my personal satisfaction and suddenly the alarm started beeping like crazy. The security came to me, told me that I was too close to the painting and I should step away because it is forbidden to be this close. I was so embarrassed you can’t even imagine. And did I mention we were all forbidden to take pictures? Guess who was not stopped by it?
This woman.
(But yea, the security almost escorted me out when I was exposed with a camera in my hand and  (again) embarrassed look on my face)
But anyway I will let you enjoy the pieces of art itself.

Imagine me trying to take picture of this with 2 security guys in the room- just hilarious.

 Personally, my favorite one ♥ (I actually tried to sniff this one!!)

The Roses ↓


These three paintings just made me stand there and stare like an idiot because they were too beautiful for me to handle it like a normal person. Here I took a picture of the explanation of them:

This is how the gallery looked like.


UFOs everywhere.

Some streets of Munich are just too beautiful to not take a picture of.

This week was like too long, but while here, I wanted to see as much as possible. You’ll see for yourself, but till then…

See you next week (4)


WEEK 1 – or how it all started (Summer experience in Germany)

“Let the journey begin…Shall we?”

Firstly, I have decided to dedicate each part to a single person that I shared a good moment or two with. Not that I want to boost their ego or whatever, but I just wanted to appreciate the people that made my trip better.
But let’s get to business now:

15.7. Saturday: So we arrived in Munich. Another place I’ve never been to. We were sitting in the car in silence, just awaiting what is yet to come for us. After like 30 minutes we were parking in front of a rectangle building with a dark roof and shutters. My first feeling was…okay, breathe in, breathe out, you got this. We payed for the ride and were awkwardly trying to get our 159 bags into the house. I am seeing stairs..okay, I am still not sure if I’m gonna make it with the fucking luggage- long story short- I made it and almost fell down the stairs and died, the very first day- that is so me.

Well, moving on, I came to the room where I was supposed to live for 2 months and was completely shocked by the small space I will be sharing with another 5 girls.
Actually, I got like a 45 minutes long panic attack and wanted to turn around and leave. But I counted to at least 200 and  decided to go out and find Metro Station with other new people.
After we came back, L said we are going to see Marien Platz so we packed some stuff and went to see a piece of Munich the very first day. I have never been in Metro or any kind of underground vehicle (*feeling like a stupid villager right now*) so I was excited and this is what happened. We arrived at Marien Platz right in the middle of the Gay Pride. Well…I don’t have to tell you what that means- full of people, full of alcohol- full of drunk people, loud music etc etc…so when we wanted to take a picture with this ↓

The funny thing is, while we were taking some selfies, some drunkie decided to throw up right behind our backs *hidden laugh full of disgust* well, that escalated quickly.
Anyway, we were walking around for a while and then decided to come back to the House because it was getting a little late and we wanted to take a shower and unpack those 159 bags we brought with us.

The next day we went to see Garchinger See

“Mad swans”

That day was a beautiful weather so we decided to go like 15 minutes away from our House to see the beauty with our own eyes, lay down on the sun and enjoy the last free day we have before we get into the “real world”.

On Monday, we went to the company to sign some papers and be official employees (of the year).

not this, but it was kinda funny when the guy who instructed us drew it

And then another shocking thing came out- we were said we are not working that day, we are only signing the papers. Well, it turned out we were working- till 4 pm.
I was wearing a gray skirt (packed exactly no pants which I was supposed to wear), got these big boots that were 2 times bigger than my feet and a baggy blue shirt (by the way I am still wearing it while writing this) – outfit on point, don’t you think?

Maybe some of you would think that cleaning is just for people with no education and kind of a “last chance” before unemployment- well it is not- so I have become a cleaning lady for 2 months.

On my way to another building I caught myself staring at this beautiful building that was a part of the firm.

Happily, I got a chance not to work alone (thank god!!) and I was (and while writing this, I currently still am) working with a guy, also from my country, who came here with me.
By the way his name is Matt.
Never thought that I would chat this much with a man and I have to admit we were (and are) getting on very well. I was glad because I found a good friend in him. Anyway, I want to truly thank you for  every single chat we had, every single laugh we shared, because you know that I am not very good with people. Since I don’t allow a lot of people to come near me and do not have a lot of real friends (which sucks ass sometimes), I was still okay to let you see a bit of the twisted mind of mine. This one is dedicated to you because I’ve gained a true friend who I know I can count on and that is what is important now.

The very first memory is this photo … ↓

…and also a good evening while we were sitting outside the house drinking beer and just watching the sun slowly going to sleep.

The first week is always the hardest everywhere you go or start to work, so I was trying my best to learn all the things I am supposed to do and even made some lists to not forget all of it. My superior, with whom I started to work, was a nice and sweet lady, always in a good mood etc etc. Just lovely to work and spend time with. Yeah, there were days when I was tired or she was angry but we made it and at the end of the week I was feeling more confident about my “work knowledge”.

The first week after work we went to see the town a little bit and I have to say, as a big fan of architecture, I saw some pretty good pieces that resonate in my mind even till now.

Anyway, the 6 days of work went by and there was Sunday awaiting for us. Firstly, me and L cooked a good lunch together because we decided that at least once a week we need to eat some meat (a real food, not just pre-made stuff or a fast food). We were all tired after the whole week, but still decided to explore the town a little bit more. My friends were here in Munich last year so they knew the town a little bit more so they took me to see some interesting places.


I have to admit, the first week was hard on me because my legs hurt a freaking lot but I was still processing that I am somewhere else than my hometown. You know the little excitement from something that is yet to come but you don’t know what exactly it is.

See you in  Week 2 🙏🏻




Guys! Long time no see! I know…where did she disappear for this long?

So, this happened I took a summer job opportunity in Germany.

I was really really stressed out to talk about it before so I just shut my mouth and let it be because I knew about it since about November 2016. SO , I finished my exams in May, so I had 2 months tops to stress out even more because it was closer and closer, day by day.

The night before (14th July) I was not able to sleep. I was at least happy that L was with me, because guess what? She was coming to Germany as well!! Fuck yea. Anyway, we repacked our bags and stuff like 2 times and had like 159 pieces of other luggage, which was another thing to stress about. Yass.

Traveling fever for life!

We were waking up at 4 am and about 6 am we had to wait for the car that was supposed to take us to Munich, Germany. It was Saturday morning, the roads were clear and silent and I was sick as hell (short notice: almost threw up like 3 times, but still managed to do my make up and pack the last things).

One of the hardest goodbyes was with HIM yea, I cried like a little child, but this morning was hard because of my dog. I hold him to the last minute and nearly did burst into tears when I had to let him go and close the door behind me.

So we left. Said goodbye to my whole family, and friends and was coming to Munich for 2 months. I decided to make this a 10 main episodes (with this one as well) long journey and of course I am taking you with me. A few of them will be divided into 2 parts but that is not important right now. One week- 2 episodes.

So stay with me and you will get to know more. I promise beautiful photos, memories and maybe a few funny stories?

We will see, or yea, you will see.

Thank you for still being here.