Sunday Lighthouse Feels

Lighthouses are not just stone, brick, metal, and glass. There’s a story behind every single one of them; that’s the story I want to live through.

One day,while the light will shine on your way, in the biggest darkness, you will realize it- The lighthouses mysteriously represent a thing that people want the most.

What ever thing in the world is yours, I hope you”ll find it.


Mind flow

What I saw was something different. When I looked there, I saw something that other people didn’t really see at all.

wicked mind

This wasn’t just an old damaged wall. It was the look to the knotty mind. From the bottom to the top I can see all the thoughts and ideas trying to outrun each other so that particular ones gonna be the one which is going to be the first.
So with this tangled mind of mine was walking around the town, thinking about those times, when I wasn’t really happy, when I thought that I am in a bad place. I am glad to say that I am feeling better now (tbh, I don’t even have time to feel ridiculous again).
Sometimes it feels right but sometimes I don’t even know how to react to some things. I know I would react differently like 5 month ago and I would react totally different today. It it so fascinating that your mind can change like nothing from minute to minute. Also your thoughts flowing through your mind like a kite on the sky, from left to right and from right to left, playful, joyful but also struggling with the wind and bad weather.

Get it?
I know you do.


The reminder

clouds 1

I saw those clouds again today.
I always feel better when I see them.
I am always chasing them on the sky, watching them trying to outrun themselves, just like us.
Just like people.
A perfect metaphor.

I don’t know what it exactly is, what I see on the sky, but is fascinates me a lot actually. Either day or night. Night heaven is like the most beautiful when you are out of town, free of lights and everything distracting. Just both of you and the stars. Still in love with the bright sky during the day, even if it’s just a rainy day, sunny clear sky or cloudy changeable one. Because it still reminds me of people, moods,reactions,happenings. .

It reminds me of life…

clouds 3 clouds 4

…and it always will.



,,Can you tolerate this difference?”


There are so many differences between people. But still, we are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same but on the other hand we will never be the same, we are living in the reality or in the little personal hidden space in your head, that only you can call shelter. I think, in every harmony is a little piece of disharmony, I mean, everywhere I go, I see it – disrespect, racism and some kind of negative reaction on something completely normal. We, as human race, have this in common: breathing the same air, sharing something that keeps us alive-  and you are saying that somebody is less than you are?

Have you ever thought about questioning yourself, if you do that, then why do you even do that?
I have like so many thoughts about a word “different” in my mind, but I have a feeling that this is enough for now.

Just think about this beautiful metaphor.


P.s: I am not being moral or something, we all have our sins, but when I look at the picture full of extraordinary and different donuts, I see this. And sure, you can imagine like 150 things, if somebody say a word “difference” but still, think about it from every point of view you can.
By the way, I sent this picture to very close friend of mine and he immediately responded, that this should be a good thing for this blog- with a caption: Differences. You surprise and inspire me every day, thank you 🙂