To everything I’ve ever lost:

Thank you for setting me free.


Just a thought #8

“Listen carefully to what people are not saying, while analyzing your excessive analyzing in life.
Rather tell them how much they matter to you, not because they won’t be here one day, but because they are here now, with their present silence and their tacit deeds.”

One of many

“What defines a man is not food, however, but the appetite with which he consumes it”

People are different.

This quote from a piece of art called Walden just reminded me of their portrayal.

One person enjoys every single bite of the meal that they are eating…

…the other just quickly eats up the whole plate because they have to.

One side really enjoy every single second of their life, they value it because it is something precious, but the other one…they just want it to be quickly over.

Sad or true?