She finally got a question she wanted. He asked her what can he give her that she never ever got before.

“Stability.” – was her response.

“If you want to give me something, that I have never got from anyone else, please, do not give me mixed signals and miscellaneous feelings, because of which I am gonna be just insecure and nervous. I am tired of being insecure. If you want to be with me, you simply have to stay here by my side. All I need here is feeling stable.



Just give me another day

Round and round and round and round we go…

well life happens

Lack of time makes me feel like I am trapped in a different dimension.

Running in circles?


Even though I am supposed to do different stuff, I am sitting here, staring to the dark window and I even caught myself daydreaming today, during the exam. How lucky I am to have such a weird mind. But other times, just daydreaming- what if this what if that, what if this time’s gonna be different? Like, who knows.

It honestly feels like a personal prison, when suddenly you have no time, for practically nothing, and when you do, you are simply not in the right mood or having like a zero energy. Yea, that happens- I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

I think a good time planner and a good will of mine (and of course of your too), to do all the stuff you are supposed to do, would be really in need. But still, it’s up to person, how he/she will manage their time, to make it all without leaving anything behind. You know what is important for you. It’s up to you and your consciousness maybe?


I am trying to leave the crowd, or the mass of people which is walking in circles, doing everything in order, doing everything right…feeling kind of a mess when I am jumping and screaming, trying to catch times attention, begging for one more day.
Not happening N, sorry, it’s against the rules.
Great, everytime.

Guys, always remember to be responsible for all of your actions and don’t be lazy (okay you can be but not that much!!) to do all your things because only when it’s gonna outrun you and you will crash to the wall with your face, only then you’ll realize the consequences. People tend to underestimate the responsibility nowadays a lot, so that’s why I am warning you not to that because you will make your life a living hell for that.  SO next time, when you can pick between leaving it for the last minute or do it in advance you will know which one to pick 🙂 .

You’ll know better and I know that I will certainly know it too.


P.s: Random pic? Why not. Still walking around the city trapped here, at least sometimes I find some piece of building that is worth to like.