Sunday Lighthouse Feels

Lighthouses are not just stone, brick, metal, and glass. There’s a story behind every single one of them; that’s the story I want to live through.

One day,while the light will shine on your way, in the biggest darkness, you will realize it- The lighthouses mysteriously represent a thing that people want the most.

What ever thing in the world is yours, I hope you”ll find it.


Sunday – coffee, thoughts and bed

,,Give yourself a break.”

Oh my, do you have those days when you wake up at like 11 am, not really knowing where you are, wanting to just sleep and nothing else? Exact situation from today. Since it’s Sunday I know that most of you are kinda lazy lazy during these days. Of course Christmas holidays are coming and all you wanna do is watching classical tales and eating till you fall asleep. What a dream.
But  what about reality?
Sometimes it takes a bigger courage to wake up from the bed and face the world like you are supposed to do. When you don’t really feel like going out because you just don’t have a feeling to go. Just feeling comfy in your big sweater behind you laptop writing those lines you are too afraid to publish because you just can’t. This is your shelter, but you know you’ll leave when the right time will come, the time when you won’t be afraid anymore. All you need is time. Take as much as you need to. I know you can do it.


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