The moment of silence

“If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet…maybe we could understand something.”

brick wall

Silence. Sitting. Thinking.
If you are scared of what’s gonna come next, don’t be. Allow the scare to lead you to unexplored places of your mind. Because this is bravery, to go to the place which is unknown for you. Let your mind and heart lead the way to those places where the weather is changeable  and anything can happen. But still, don’t waste your time with regretting of you going there. That’s your own path towards the place you have always wanted to visit. Do it because you want to and need to at the same time. The place is not gonna be the same as the other places in this world. If you feel that you are gonna fuck up and it really happens, just close your eyes, breathe deeply and simply go back, retrace your steps and start again with knowing exactly which action was wrong. Don’t just waste you time staring at the brick wall like an idiot, because maybe you were born for this exact silent moment. Don’t waste it.


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